Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Last Piaster

Please join us at The Last Piaster . Our aim is to present writing exercises designed to sharpen old poetic tools and provide you with new ones. New piasters will be posted on Sundays. Periodically, we’ll ask permission to share your drafts.

Some of you already know me. My co-admin is Parker. He doesn’t care for introductions but he really doesn’t need one. His primary focus is our forum so you have his undivided attention.

There’s more to say and you might have questions, if you do, write me. Better yet, come by. We hope you find something of value at The Last Piaster.


Whirling Dervish said...

Hey Susan

Or, is that Ms? :) I agree with you, I am more of a Ms. type myself. I'd be interested to hear more about your discussions about women who take their husbands names and don't see that as somehow giving up a piece of their own important identities. Men don't have to grapple with this question- that alone is evidence that it is a sexist institution.

Can't wait to check out Last Piaster...


susan said...

Remember when I said Parker doesn't need an introduction? Read his "Piaster Pause." He's a hot mess!

writerwoman said...

There is a post up about The Last Piaster at PWB.

Best of luck to you and Parker.

susan said...

Wow. Traffic is picking up quickly. Deb from Stony Moss not only wrote a response to our first piaster, but she provided a link to an article written by SB at
. If you'd like to learn how to provide a critique, check out this piece.

Thanks Deb and SB!

susan said...

Ah, U.P. is a hot mess! Check out his latest installment of Piaster Pause