Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Date

This is an old piece that fits the prompt at Sunday Scribblings. Hope to write something new as well.

You smiled. I said hello. As reserved as you were, I knew you were equally giddy. Sitting in my Tonka toy in front of that grungy Greyhound station we shared our first kiss. I drove off and secretly hoped we'd end up somewhere. We stared at one another and blushed when we caught the other's glance. We had dinner. It was one of those rare times I wasn't hungry. Later, we walked down quaint suburban streets. We smiled a lot. I was sure we waddled. We were brimming with excitement as intense as any fourth grader's first crush. We practically took up residence in a chic coffeehouse with oversized sofas and gourmet desserts. We drank cappuccino, sipping slowly as if time would keep our pace. At our rate, we wouldn't have to consider going to sleep for another twenty-four hours. Oblivious to the constant movement and incessant chatter around us, we pecked at each other like hungry newborn chicks. We had to have looked foolish: two middle-aged romantics ogling each other in a public place. If we had been teenagers, we might have left and necked in a parked makeshift room on the side of the road.


Heather Kathleen said...

oh man, i was watching! that was such a good, gloriously descriptive, write.

i'm going to be very jealous that i wasn't in your shoes...just for a little while. not hating, just deliciously jealous! :)

January said...

So fun to relive those moments of new romance.

Love this, "we pecked at each other like hungry newborn chicks."

Christy said...

loved this!!!

thanks for allowing us to live for for a momemt in your shoes.

Robin said...

You captured all the emotion of a first date very well. I especially liked this line:

we pecked at each other like hungry newborn chicks

Penelope Anne said...

Tender, sweet, passionate, and so endearing.
I liked a lot of your descriptive choices you used to make your point come across.
Who says only teens can make PDA???

Penelope Anne

keith hillman said...

Such a desciptive piece. I must congratulate you. Glad I called in!

Becca said...

You've really captured the essence of this first date, all those feelings that never change, no matter our age.

Well done :)

tumblewords said...

Love it! Romantic and warm!