Saturday, February 9, 2008

Alice Walker On Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this video. It's a great addition to your literary blog.

How nice to hear Alice Walker's thoughtful words while she goes about her daily life. She clearly admires Barak, and for good reason.

My husband, sons and I have been listening to Barak speak for years now. When he speaks, I hear the truth. Even my 70-year old, Republican father voted for him in the primaries. Let's hope that's a sign of things to come.

janetleigh said...

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing what Alice Walker has to say about Obama. Just as an aside, she has a nice, soothing voice that drew me in immediately, and she's one engaging, intelligent woman. Two things stood out for me; she attributed Obama's openness to living in many places and cultures. This is so true for me. I think it's so important to travel away from one's home and see how other people and cultures live. I think the more we know of other cultures, the more we gain tolerance for differences. We begin to understand that most people have the same basic needs. Traveling to Europe helped me and my son face this reality. Then, my son went to Sao Paulo, Brazil and saw people living in cardboard boxes in the median strips of major highways. This tragic sight will always haunt him.

The other thing that Walker said that had me nodding, yes, yes, is that Obama appears real and genuine. She hit it on the nail when she spoke of our present politicians being concerned about their image and many are full of baloney (my words, not hers!). If Obama becomes President, time will tell whether or not he falls victim to change through his new environment surrounded by phonies. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video with your readers, Susan..:)

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed watching this video of Alice Walker's take on Obama! He should put this on his website -- it's a very seductive endorsement. : )