Sunday, October 5, 2008

Little Lovin' Monday

Little Lovin' Monday is a day we celebrate the work of fellow artists.

We share our work and hope others will enjoy it. Online, comments let us know our work has been read and appreciated. On Monday, come by BES and check out the links to works published by your peers.

Beginning on Saturday through Tuesday evenings, post a link to previously posted work that generated zero to few comments. Works can be short stories, essays, poetry or visual art.

On Monday let's have a marathon posting of comments. Show even greater appreciation for your fellow bloggers by commenting to a new piece as well as the shared link.

*For definition purposes, older will be any post that is no longer visible on your front page.


Raven's Wing Poetry said...

Here is my offering for LLM this week:



susan said...

Thanks Nicole,
I'll be by shortly. I hope more writers will contribute. I appreciate the opportunity to revisit works I might not have discovered otherwise.

punatik said...

I'm sorry Susan. I feel embarrassed. The truth is I can't create a link to the post I wish to share.
It is entitled "The Agricultural Advisor" and can be found at my site on the right hand side where the list is. I hope that by next monday I can figure it out, as I greatly enjoy "Little Lovin' Mondays" , and wish to participate.

twitches said...

Here is my offering for LLM this week:

Simon and Julie Love Leather Leggings


twitches said...

Sorry, Nicole, for my shameless copying of your comment. I viewed the source page to see how you created the link then forgot to change your wording. :)

...deb said...

I do like this idea of yours very much, Susan. I will be back! (I have not been out visiting much, work and those other projects have swamped me, you know.)

And will read the other's posts.

Scott Clawson said...

Thanks Susan for the continuation of your LLM! I love it! :-) Here is my little one:

Tic Toc

Take care.

Annamari said...
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Annamari said...
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susan said...

Thanks all!
If I haven't been by, I will. Next week, I'll spotlight others. It seems some don't want to spotlight themselves. :-)