Sunday, November 2, 2008

Color Online: Supporting Young Women


I know the posts have been lean, but school is back in session. For those of you who don't know, I am the volunteer librarian for a community library at a local non-profit. I am responsible for collection development and operating the library. I also run a lit studies program for young women at the agency. I've been busy re-inventing our group and trying to address major shrinkage in our library.

I invite you to check out Color Online. We are a community committed to the promotion, empowerment, and political awakening of young women. It is our mission to cultivate self-development through literary study, educational programs, cultural events and community service. We focus primarily on women of color writers.

In addition to our blog, we have an online discussion forum at Shelfari and a wish list at Amazon. If you're interested in supporting what we do, please consider sending a donation. If you'd like to learn more about woc writers or mentor teens, consider joining our online community. We appreciate any level of support you'd like to offer.

One item of particular interest on our site is our Potpourri quiz feature. Throughout the month readers will find quiz questions about literature or women's studies. Each month we have a random drawing. Prizes typically are books by women of color. Please encourage friends, colleagues and young women to check out Potpourri and submit answers. We don't expect readers to know the answers. Instead we hope they will be motivated to do a little, simple research and discover them. Answer a question yourself. I give away great books!

I hope you will promote Color Online to others especially teens and organizations that would be interested in our work. We would likewise be interested in promoting the work of other organizations committed to youth and women.

If you'd like to know more about Color Online, please contact me.


susan said...

Working at the Obama office in my neighborhood today. Will be blog hopping and posting tonight.

Vote tomorrow. Your voice matters.

christine said...

Wow, you sure stay busy. I'm amazed you find the time to write a blog! Great work you do.

I'm going to be at work for Obama tomorrow. Let's stay positive!

January said...

Yes, you are one busy lady. Just came by to say hello!

I voted! Go Obama!

susan said...

What an amazing day. What an amazing time. Christine, I'm too busy but my life has always been bursting with activity. These days I try to make sure the hectic pace of my life leads to positive outcomes. Most days, I think I'm getting something done.