Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday scribblings

*Reposted for Jboogie because I remember, too.

Nursery Rhyme

Ring around the trousers,
pockets full of poses;
hush child, hush child!
We all fall down...

This week's prompt at Sunday Scribbling is phantoms and shadows . I wrote this not long ago but it's been with me a very long time. Maybe I'll expand on it. Maybe I won't. Maybe it doesn't make sense to the casual reader. Sadly though, I think many little girls know this rhyme.


Miss Jboogie said...


Thank you for sharing this. It's amazing how many of my friends know this rhyme. It's like an epidemic. What kind of world do we live in?

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan

A poignant post, not many words needed; I'm glad you shared this.

I, too, know this rhyme, but wish I didn't. Mine's up at

I look forward to reading more.


gel(Emerald Eyes) said...

HI Susan,
No I don't know this verse of the rhyme and will google it. I hope expressing this sadness helped you. It must have been a strong memory to still be with you.

I'm here from Sun. Scribblings.


paisley said...

coming here not far behind miss Jboogies post,, i know exactly what it is you are eluding too,, and i fel for those of you that have such memories in your coffers.....i have so many bad memories,, but at least the majority of them i either subjected myself to or have cause to believe i "asked" for.... none of which include the disillusionment of an innocent child...

floreta said...

yes this is a classic. i like your twist on it. i can just hear the kids voices in my head.

latree said...

I can even see the children running...