Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I'm worn out today. Can't even fake an attempt to say something interesting. Worked in the library yesterday. Had two assistants, got a lot done so why am I feeling low? Maybe because I filled out thirty incident reports for missing books. The library was trashed again (staff and others use the library and don't bother to clean up behind themselves).

Promoting and updating for the Black History Month contest has been exhausting. Part of me wonders why so few will submit or comment. Feels like a lot of work for little yield.

I keep trying to put my personal space in order and the clutter just grows. Everyone wants this form and that form filled out and returned.

No writing lately and not enough reading either. And I just returned from vacation? Doesn't feel like it.

January hosts this weekly support group. To hear from other members go here.


zetta elliott said...

to quote our priceless blueswomen: it jus' be's dat way sometime...hang in there! Missing books irk me, too--esp when I know it means some child somewhere probably just wanted a book, any book, or loved a book so bad they couldn't bear to give it back...you can't sustain a library that way. just remember: the sun WILL shine in your back door someday...

Thinking Aloud said...

Yesterday I sat arranging books by genre, and levels, putting them neatly in baskets, all spines facing outward so that my students would have no trouble choosing a book that they would love to read, one that they could curl up with at night, one that would yield hours of enjoyment.

This afternoon I looked over at the library and noticed taht the baskets were not in the proper order, book lay strewn across the floor,and the labels that I so carefully made were beginning to hang off.

"I love the new books that you displayed," said a student as I saddle up next to her for a reading conference.

Then I looked around the room as saw my students reading and engaged with text. after reading workshop I sat down and rearranged the library again.

susan said...

Thanks T and Zetta, I can live with a child not wanting to return a book they are reading. The truth is more of our books aren't returned because our girls have been conditioned to think things are owed to them and there are no consequences for failing to return books (this is a long-standing battle I'm having with administration).

When you run a library and work with kids, you get a feel for desire versus indifference. The staff is overworked and overwhelmed so there is not the supervision and encouragement I'd like to see and I know is necessary for us to curb chronic shrinkage.

Still, I do have my advocates and I do have my readers and new converts, and they all keep me going. I have no budget. Losing books affects us even more.

I'll be fine. I'll meet with my group next week. They'll be animated and there'll be books returned. I'll do new displays, take in the beauty and power of our space and know that what we're doing matters.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's tough. I can send a few of my books if that helps at all.

My books meaning ones I've written, not ones I own. Though I could do that too.

susan said...

Melissa, very kind and I will without shame gladly accept your gift. I'll drop you an email.

I think we will see a change with book returns. There are library supporters who have really stepped up and offered to get more the kind of action and respect the library deserves.

odessa said...

im sorry to hear about your library being trashed. that's horrible.

i'm the same way, i feel like i'm constantly trying to keep my paperwork and space in order but it can never keep up. it will be clean and organized for a day or 2 and then it goes downhill from there. sigh.

i personally always feel generally out of sorts after my vacations, so i hear you.

thanks for visiting me today and for you kind comments.

Eva said...

Sorry about your library. :(

Are you promoting Black History month online? Because I've been doing a little personal reading project this month, so if you need me to write something up, I can! :D

...deb said...

You and I do share a lot. I so try to be organized, but it just doesn't work out. Piles of crap -- I mean important stuff -- everywhere. But it is only me to blame, not others.

I will hope that the missing books are due to interest, and that thoughts like that send good energy your way, and to the readers.

Hope you cut yourself some slack and that an energy boost finds its way to you.

Hugs for your kind words, too. Helps to know, oh it does, that others are challenged in similar ways.