Saturday, February 7, 2009

In My Mailbox (6)

Each week a group of readers share what books they received in the mail. From, I got Wild Seed by Octavia E. Butler. Our last copy walked. Our best stuff often walks (sigh). I highly recommend it.

Friction by E.R. Frank

Most well-known for her devastatingly poignant teen tales of urban desperation and redemption, renowned young adult author E. R. Frank switches gears and narrows her focus to the pivotal events of one 8th grade classroom. The progressive petri dish of Forest Alternative’s middle school is stirred the wrong way when sophisticated, tongue-ringed Stacy makes the scene. Almost immediately, Stacy takes advantage of the school’s relaxed and experimental atmosphere to start a little excitement....

Swollen by Melissa Lion
What Happened to Lani Garver by Carol Plum-Ucci
Ressurrecting Mingus by Jenoyne Adams
Guitar Girl by Sarra Manning

All of these are for our library though I hope to read Adams in the near future. I really like E.R. Frank and right now, Survivor by Butler is sitting on my table. I have a group read for it later this month.


Steph Su said...

You got some nice books! The Plum-Ucci is on my TBR list as well. I found myself unable to get into Melissa Lion or Sarra Manning, though, but you'll have to let me know if they're worth checking out.

susan said...

Oh, no. I'm pretty picky I read primarily realistic fiction. We'll see. If I can't through them, I'll let you know if any girl checks them out. Plum-Ucci was recommended by a librarian. I don't read mystery so I was hesitant. I was very pleasantly surprised. Of course, I've gotten to know the librarians pretty well.

Eva said...

I really need to read Butler! I've only read Kindred, but I really liked it. :) I hate it when books walk.

Adele said...

Wild Seed looks intriguing. Never heard of it before.

The Story Siren said...

very nice library haul!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I really like E.R. Frank. I'm pretty sure I've read Friction...I know America is awesome.


Anonymous said...

I hope you'll give Swollen a try. It's realistic, I think. I'm biased, though.

Take care,


susan said...

Hi Melissa, very cool you came by. Who knew posting my list would get me a comment from an author. Will move your book higher up on my tbr. :-)