Saturday, February 14, 2009

Meme- My favorite Genre(s)


What makes that genre(s) a favorite?

I read mostly womens literature, YA fiction(sub-genre realistic), multicultural literature and a fair amount of poetry. I read across genres but the above best covers the majority of what I read. Actually, women of color which connotes a variety of genres and issues, best describes my reading habits. I have two blogs. Black-Eyed Susan's is my personal space. It is broader in scope covering anything I lay my eyes on. Color Online was created to support a lit group I run, and is focused on women of color. Our aim is to inform both members and visitors about writers they might not otherwise know. We hope our blog helps readers diversify their reading habits.

What makes that genre(s) a favorite?

I love women's literature because I favor the feminine voice. The issues addressed in women's literature matter a great deal to me: equality, self-awareness, empowerment, beauty, love, social commentary, justice and family. I love YA literature because it empowers, informs, entertains and inspires our young people, and supporting our youth is part of my life work. I love multicultural literature because I have an insatiable appetite to connect with people. I am curious and I want to learn about the world around me.

I promote and support women of color writers because it matters to me to celebrate writers who look like me, whose work mirrors my own aspirations, desires and experiences. If you can empathize with what it means to be marginalized and invisible, then I think you can understand a desire to be heard. Literature has the power to make the universal, intimate and relevant- a connection between reader and writer. I want readers to better know who we are. I love and promote women of color writers because if I don't, who will?

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