Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I Like The Sound of My Voice

I like the sound of my voice- blue, blue black
factory bent, southern descendant- mama’s
hopes tied up in three little brown faces.
Hips swayin', dashki wearin’,70s’ sexy sangin’
Davis’ fro pickin’ & Panther dreams explodin’ .
It’s about the Revolution, baby & love & baby-makin’ .

This is me with my rhythm;
I write my own anthem.

I like the sound of my voice- click, click, heels
on stairs stepping into the blue lights in the basement.
Come on baby & slide, come on baby & slide.
It was Strawberry 23 the first time you kissed me;
Stevie was blaring ribbons in sky, ribbons in the sky,
ribbons in the skies of your love
between my thighs.

This is me with my rhythm;
I write my own anthem.

I like the sound of my voice- sista in locs and Birkenstocks
in the blue lights at open mic. How I wish I were the cup
that touches your lips
. Scented locs & anks & incense burnin’
Come on baby, I don’t have much just a little beans & wine.
Politics & Love Jones. More Jones. Wanna be the funk in your thigh.
Let’s celebrate Mandela’s release; revolution is won, baby.

*This is me with my rhythm;
I write my own anthem.

*Writing prompt at readwritepoem is to write a bop. We also had to borrow two lines. My *refrain comes from rmilana. At Totally Optional Pompts it's write an anaphora.


rmilana said...

awesomely written.
thank you Susan,those are my favorite line, and you make it even better and alive in this bop

loved it!

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

WHOA! I love this. I love the voice and language of it. Good use of the refrain too. You take me back with this bop.

Richard Wells said...

Great performance piece.

Beloved Dreamer said...

Excellent work. You write with a strong voice of a true poet. Loved it.


James said...

I really like reading this one out loud. Really nice.

Eva said...

This is awesome!!!

Linda Jacobs said...

So much movement in here! It practically sashays! Wonderful use of language!

Tumblewords: said...

Full on bop! Sings and sways...

susan said...

Thanks Linda and Tumblewords,
My hope is that you would feel like moving. The poem is inspired by songs of my youth.

susan said...

Thanks all,
I had a really good time writing this.

Thinking Aloud said...

I love how your words visually took me through three decades.

sam said...

Hey Susan, I must say this is a lovely piece. Love the energy. :)