Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Scribblings

Each week at Sunday Scribblings we're given a prompt. This week's prompt is trust. I actually posted my quote for today before reading the prompt. I couldn't ignore the serendipity. I posted my first thoughts in the wee hours. After sleeping (I work midnights), I gave the prompt more thought. This is where I was lead.

I can’t think about trust without thinking about faith and belief at the same time. I asked myself do I trust anyone or anything completely. Then I asked myself is that the right question, the right context. For me, trust like faith and belief is an ongoing process. It’s going to the well again and again to get what I need. The things I believe in and therefore have faith in are the things or people I trust.

I run a community project Color Online and I run the library where we meet. I believe that the work I do with these young girls and young women is love and true love is always right.

I believe in my two daughters. I doubt my ability to parent but I never doubt my love for them. I trust they never doubt my love either.

I trust my partner, my spouse. When we met, I doubted I could give him what he needed. He taught me I give him what he wants. When my flaws frustrate or disappoint him, he doesn’t give up on me. He believes in our relationship. I believe and therefore I trust him.

Years I ago, I had a yearning. I had no spiritual home and I missed that. I wanted a place to anchor my faith. An odd series of events and ideas led me to the Quakers. I found a meeting online and set off for a meeting that same week. The members embraced me warmly and I knew I was where I wanted to be. I trust that what I seek eternally, I can find when I listen. That’s faith.

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floreta said...

good thoughts. while i don't belong to an organized religion, if i HAD to pick, i would probably be a quaker as well.

susan said...

floreta, at the risk of confusing readers, I don't consider myself a religious person. And I'm not big on institutions; I do however respect people's faith and in whatever way someone chooses to cultivate their spiritual life is good and worthwhile in my opinion. Quakers are quite inclusive which is why attending meetings is a good fit for me.

Linda Jacobs said...

This is so simply and beautifully written! Expecially the parts about your kids and spouse! Sounds like they are very lucky to have you!

Marguerite said...

I agree with what you say about trust being so closely related to faith and belief. I also think you are right that trust is an ongoing thing. Good post.

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

This is a thought-provoking post because faith and belief are at the core of who we trust and if we trust at all. The irony is that life generally gives back whatever we're looking for. One can't go through life being naive, but those who trust no one usually come to no good and are bitter and twisted in their souls, as well.