Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NaPoWriMo #21

At twenty before plus one,
my daughter bloomed
in my womb. My birth canal
was our shared rite of passage.

Is there a rite of passage in our lives that doesn’t get much attention? For example, we tend to celebrate success and bury failure. What if we honored our mistakes? We tend to endorse transformation and overlook the ordinary. What is important enough in your own life to warrant a ceremony? What do you value and how could you pay it homage?

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tea said...

Hmmmm, I love the question. I also love your answer. I think we don't see death as a rite of passage. It's odd for me to say. I'm not a person longing to go on the last adventure. Still, If I had more wisdom, I might would see this as a positive rite of passage and not fear it. I fear it for myself and also, when I lose loved ones. Is death a rite of passage?