Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Confession Tuesday

For days, I've been trying to find a focus for today's post. Kept coming up with duds, nothing I wanted to expand on. Then talking with my sweetie, my mind returned to an ongoing issue: balance. In my case, the lack thereof. I've joked about being manic but I wasn't completely joking. I joke about my obsessions but being obsessive isn't always funny.

There are times I am worn out by my own inability to back up, slow down, exercise moderation. I think you can imagine how my family feels. Family will love you but that doesn't negate them also becoming frustrated, annoyed or upset. They will complain when the episodes go too long.

Today, my aim is to strive for balance. I'll start from one activity to one day at a time. Anyone need to join me? To find more confessions or to join us, check in with January.


Deb said...

Balance. Yes. I'm afraid my approach to balance is swinging so wildly that the blur achieves a shade of it.

I'm with you.

(My husband agrees with you, too. I'd say Haha, but it's not ironic enough. *Wry gin*)

(PS, do you want my Oscar Wao book? If so, email me an addy deb dot stoneymoss at gmail dot com.)

Deb said...

Wry grin. Not gin.

January said...

Amen to balance! We could all use more of that these days.


Carleen Brice said...

Oh yeah!

Thinking Aloud said...

Bouncing from task to task
Allowing nothing to go undone
Looking for perfection
And never quite locating it.
Now the hard part:
Choose not to do

Here's to focus!

Anonymous said...

balance? i don't have a problem with b----

(could somebody please help me up? i just fell on my a**.)


odessa said...

oh yeah, we all need that. i have to remind myself that i can't do anything all at once and just let go. especially when i'm pulled in so many directions all at once.

Zetta Elliott said...

I'm searching for it, too, but find the pursuit of balance can itself create a manic feeling...so be sure you forgive yourself whenever you fail...I have lots of lopsided days/weeks, but if you can be at peace in each moment, you're ok!