Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Another busy week. Got a really cool surprise visit from author, Mayra Lazar Dole. We've never corresponded so imagine my excitement when she commented to my review of her YA novel, Down To The Bone. May is Latin Book Month. If you haven't picked up a book already, read this one.

Great week for new books, too. See my weekly mailbox post here. The highlight was getting two new titles that my library purchased at my request. We really have great libraries in my area.

We just completed Week #5 of C.O.R.A Diversity Roll Call. Our assignment was to look at stereotypes. Some very good dialogue ensued. Check out some of the responses. Roll Call is fun and infomative. I'm hosting Week #6 at Color Online and this week we're looking at YA that you don't know. We have a good group of contributors and we're growing. Come on and roll with us.

Every Monday is Little Lov'n Monday. On Mondays we commit to reading and commenting to fellow bloggers. We also want to give some lov'n back. Weekly drawing for a free book just for supporting your peers. This week you could win Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen or Hush by Jacqueline Woodson. If those don't interests you we have a long list of titles available. Join us.

Check out my essay, This Is How You Do It written for Weekly Geeks' assignment regarding reviews. I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and spotlighting fellow bloggers. My wg post links back to the original meme, too, so you can find even more new sites to explore.

To close out, I'm currently reading Dr. Truelove, a YA novel by Derrick Barnes, and I'm sad to say I'm not feeling any love for the doctor. Will be sharing why later this week. Come back for my review.

Happy reading.


gautami tripathy said...

I just finished reading a vampire novel, a YA novel, I think. I rather liked it!

Vampires, Mages, Demons and a cat with a poem!

Doret said...

I didn't think you'd would like The Making of Dr. Trulove. It would be interesting if we could get a little discussion going on the book. Though I'd only agree to it if Paula would key in. Since you have Edi on your side.

susan said...

Sounds good. Contact, Paula and let's have a chat.

Even though I don't care for it, I'm seriously thinking of asking my teen to read it and see if her reactions confirm my reservations about it. I normally wouldn't buy this for her either. Still, I think a homegrown experiment my prove more positive than negative.

I am likely to put Dr. Truelove on our shelves, too. I'm not in a school and I have older teens who would relate. While I am not impressed, I think we have an audience for this.

bermudaonion said...

I just love it when an author comments on my blog, so I know how you felt when Mayra Lazar Dole left you a comment.