Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Sunday Salon

Highlight of this week was creating my own superhero and then writing about her for 3WW. Diana Peterfreund is currently running a contest for her new graphic novel, Dull Boy. Check out the giveaway and make yourself a superhero while you're at it.

The battle of between D-town and the Hills had been fierce. City folk and suburbinites fought over what was left after the Burn of '44. Read more of Mama Lockdown here.

Picked up some really good book at the library and got a few in the mail. Check out my Library Loot and In My Mailbox post.

C.O.R.A Diversity Roll Call is a great meme designed to inform and broaden participants' reading habits. Join us. New challenges posted the first and third Friday of each month. Ali at Worducopia and I at Color Online alternate hosting. You can find our schedule in my sidebar week prior.

Had a blast with our Weekly Geeks assignment which was to give readers a literary tour of our hometown. I'm from the big D, Detroit. Before you say cars or Motown, know that we are city of poets. Followed up my wg assignment with a Poetry Friday selection, a poem by Detroiter, Sadiq Bey entitled "Morning 85."

Last week I shared I was reading Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia. I finished it. It was raw, brutal in its candor and all the intensity of a 24 episode without Jack using questionable tactics and things blowing up. An incredible read. I loved it. If you don't know the author check out her interview here. Stay tuned for a full review. I also read and reviewed The Chosen One by Carol Lynch-Williams. If you like a tearjerker, you might like this. Didn't work for me. Find out why here.

Some of you know I also publish at Color Online, a blog that is an extension of a community group I founded to support young women. Our blog features women writers of color. This week I added a new feature, Sewing Circle. Looking for a new read, check out Color Online. We also host a monthly trivia quizzes. Answer correctly and your name is entered in a drawing for a free book from our Prize Bucket.

Lastly, I'm currently reading Secret Keeper by Mitali Perkins. I've been looking forward to reading Mitali's latest book. In addition to writing her own books, she writes a blog and commits a good deal of her time to promoting other writers of color. Read her at Mitali's Fire Escape. I'm also reading Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson.

Find a list of Salon participants here.


gautami tripathy said...

I am yet to read any book by Mitali Perkins!

Here is my TSS post

susan said...

Then you are unnecessarily missing a treat.

susan said...

Then you are unnecessarily missing a treat.

Eva said...

You've had a great week! :) That superhero is hilarious. In an awesome way of course!

Gavin said...

Tyemba is fantastic! And thanks for the tip about Mitali Perkins, she is new to me. I hope you enjoy Brown Girl in the Ring, have you read The New Moon's Arms?

Staci said...

Sounds like you've been up to some exciting stuff!! The superhero is very cool!!! Secret Keeper sounds like a great read!

susan said...

Hi Staci, I finished Secret Keeper. It is a very good read. I think some readers mistakenly dismiss YA fiction. I look for the same things in YA that I do in adult literature: quality writing, substances and believable characters. Mitali delivers on all points. Thanks for coming by.

Icedream said...

Hi Susan, I loved Momma Lockdown and just had to read your three word wednesday post. It was great, I loved the post-apocalyptic twist. I wondered after the burn, where would we country hicks be? I think cannibals. :D

susan said...

Hi Icedream, the country hicks I know are pretty resourceful, pragmatic and resilient. And many are farmers. I'd like to think you'd think people could be more useful if not eaten. :-)

Lenore said...

That's a great character you created! Saw a review of Jumped this week that made me put it on my wishlist. Can't wait for your review - and to read the book too, of course.