Friday, July 24, 2009

Color Online: Speaking Truth To Power: The Liar Controversy

Speaking Truth To Power: The Liar Controversy

It's taken a marathon or reading and commenting for me to put together what I hope is a coherent and intelligent response to this blowup about Liar.

There is a saying,"When you're white you don't think about it; when you're black, you never forget it."


Anonymous said...

the publishers will gain tremendously from this controversy--sales will skyrocket! perhaps this is a clever tool/tactic for POC authors to consider (if allowed to help choose cover, that is) in order to get millions to read our books.
ps. i've been trying to receive your blog via email--you don't have an RSS feed and i don't have a blog thus i can't sign in the way you've set it up.

Color Online said...


I am hoping against hope that readers will only purchase the Aussie addition. That is my plan.

I'll try to add the RSS feed. I've had problems with it in the past.

Vasilly said...

I hope readers only pick the Aussie version of Liar to read. BookDepository doesn't have it in but hopefully they will soon.

I definitely agree with that saying.

susan said...


I got so wound up, I had to step back. I'm glad so many people spoke out.

Now I need to get back to what I believe in, promoting and supporting POC writers. They deserve greater exposure and readership.

Doret said...

I agree this will only increase sales. My only hope is people will decide to purchase the Aussie cover.

If Bloomsbury's sees that the sales of the other cover still continue to raise thanks to American dollars (I assume there is a way to track this) I will feel a little better.

I still think when the publishers thought this cover out, they decided to risk the back lash because it could only lead to more press.

Though maybe I am wrong maybe when this final cover came down the room was filled with White people who saw nothing wrong this cover and had no bad intentions.

Honestly I don't know what's worse knowing it's wrong and doing it anyway or not having a clue.