Sunday, July 12, 2009

In My Mailbox

It's been a slower week. Wasn't able to get to the agency to work in the library, but sometimes, I need a break. I'm a little nervous about what's waiting for me. I did bring home a few books from our library to read that I hadn't mentioned before and I'm sharing a few of what we got in the mail from Paperback Swap. To see what others received, check in with Kristi at The Story Siren and Marcia at The Printed Page.

In The Mail:
Kid B by Linden Dalecki
Publisher's comments:
B-boying is the only thing seventeen-year-old Kid B has ever been any good atbut thats nothin to floss about in his racially charged eastern Texas town in the rust belt. Hes been called “wigger” and “jigaboo,” but race doesnt matter to Kid. Or his krew. What matters is that they represent at the upcoming Throw Downone of the most cutthroat hip-hop dance competitions in the nationand that they hold their own against rivals Magno Clique, the roughest gang of b-boyers in town.
Not sure what to think. I'm worried this might be dated or for some other reason doesn't resonate with the girls. We'll see.

Houston, we have a promblema by Gwendolyn Zepeda
Publisher's comments:
Jessica Luna is your typical 26 year old: she has man trouble, mom trouble, and not a clue what to do with her life (though everyone else in her family seems to have plenty of suggestions ) After a lifetime of being babied by her family, Jess is incapable of trusting herself to make the right choices. So instead, she bases all of her life decisions on signs. She looks to everything for guidance, from the direction her rearview-mirror-Virgin-de-Guadalupe sways to whatever Madame Hortensia, her psychic, sees in the cards.
I confess not my kind of book, but it might be a patron's choice so on the shelves it goes. We'll see if anything happens.

B as in Beauty by Alberto Ferraras.
Everyone in the world, it seems, is either prettier or thinner (or both) than Beauty Marie Zavala. And the only thing B resents more than her name is the way others judge her for the extra 40 pounds she can't lose. At least she has her career. Or did, until she overhears her boss criticizing her weight and devising a scheme to keep her from being promoted. Enter B's new tax accountant, a modern-day matchmaker determined to boost B's flagging self-esteem by introducing her to rich, successful men who will accept her for who she is. As B's confidence blossoms, so do her fantasies of revenge. But will B find true happiness or true disaster when she unwittingly falls for the one guy she shouldn't?
Love the idea of a not-thin girl feeling good about herself, but does this have to be tied to getting a guy? I don't do the light or the funny often. Maybe I need to lighten up. I'll let you know when I get to this.

What did you get?


Anonymous said...

I've been sort of "on break" too - away for a few days, then catching up with the chaos in the house, then the chaos on Google Reader! I'm thinking about the meme too - don't want to do Octavia Butler because I've done her, don't want to do Samuel Delaney because he's too hard!, so still thinking about it.

I rarely lighten up either; I can relate!!!

Shalonda said...

B as in Beauty sounds like a good read.


Serena said...

I've heard great things about B as in beauty. Enjoy your books.

Mary said...

enjoy them all! I liked Houston, We Have a Problema.