Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Confessions of a Tweeter

Alrighty, let's just walk straight into booth, shall we? I confess I tweet. I didn't want to do it, but being the habitual blog hoppin', online community chatty Kathy that I am, I joined the millions of folks at Twitter. Sounds like a mild confession, right? Now, let me tell you the rest. Twitter is my, eh, how do I say..., let's not use a seedy metaphor. Okay, how about my overworked, online intern who I use solely for promotion? Better, and it's true.

But there's more. I really don't care what you had for breakfast or where you're going or how the weather is in your neck in the woods. My eyeballs glaze right over that stuff. After more than a decade online and working in an information industry, I've become a fairly good amateur data scanner. I scan for links to more information about the things I'm interested in. That's it. I scan, sort, mentally store info to check out later or right then.

I also use Twitter to send direct messages to online friends who hang out there and it's the surest way to reach them. It's my equivalent of ringing you up, which by the way, despite being attached to my keyboard, I loathe my cell phone. Phones are for saying I'm en route, late or lost.

I don't begrudge you all for sharing your minutia. I'm just not interested. You might as well be announcing you're going to pee and who wants to know that?

That's all folks. You can join me and my cohorts for Confession Tuesday at January's.


Tarie said...

Teehee! Thanks for sharing, Susan. :o)

Serena said...

Susan you are too cute. I'm with you on that one. I really don't care about all that stuff...just information that is relevant to me.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting about Twitter, but think about blog posts - people like the personal stuff almost more, it seems, than the "professional" stuff. Maybe it helps people feel closer. Next time you need to use the ladie's room, you can tell us; somewhere out there is a urologist who will be happy to know it! :--)

susan said...


I'm a hot mess and I know it and Rhapsody is clearly of the same mind. lol

I get the appeal of the personal just not the mundane.

Of course, I'm being a smartbutt here and that isn't particularly informative but I'd rank it higher than give me a play by play of your day. :-)