Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Okay, it's Tuesday. It's late. And I'm whipped. The first day of high school wore me out! First, the bus was really early and the kidlet had to run to catch it. Of course, once I returned home (I was walking her to end of our complex drive), I was on the phone calling the transportation department. My guy (the rational, calm one) told me to take a minute to breathe and to promise him I wouldn't go sistagirl on the unfortunate soul who answered the call. I rolled my eyes at him and when the clerk answered, in my calm, measured voice, I expressed my concern about the time of the pickup. Afterall, I had called more than a week ago to be sure I knew what time my teen was suppose to be at the stop.

After school, I asked for a complete recap of her day, I added all her teachers' contact information to my new email account("Honey, so their mail won't get buried in your bottomless pit of an email account"). Earlier, I spoke with the assistant principal again about working with a newly formed group to help minority students close their achievement gaps.

I confess I was not this involved with my oldest. I approached her schooling the same way my parents did with us: at a distance with firm expectations. And yes, I thought I had done my parental duties. I realize this is awful to admit but it's the truth. From my own experience, I know that approach wasn't enough, but I hadn't learned and managed to break old ideas and habits.

With this kidlet, I'm trying to be a better parent. This time I do know better so I have to step up. But, this is work. Of course, my guy says part of my exhaustion is my resistance to change. Just because I know what to do, know that's it's better, doesn't make it easy and frankly not all that desirable.

Today the president asked our kids to take responsibility, to try harder, not to let themselves down. Well, if we can expect this from our children, I have no excuse. Yes, we can POTUS! (couldn't resist)


Eva said...

Wow-good for you! I can understand why you're exhausted though.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Sorry your day was so exhausting!! One day though, if not already, all these parenting efforts will pay off big time!

susan said...


Well, you know according to my DQ, everything is suppose to be about her. lol

I'm sure I'll adjust and I actually liked high school. The older she gets the easier it is to relate which I'm sure if nothing else, she's glad at least I have a longer attention span now. :-)

susan said...

Oh, we're all feeling better, too. Thanks.

Jessie Carty said...

So nice to see someone willing to try new ways of parenting :)

susan said...

Thanks, Jessie.

Deb said...

Good for you, for learning, for pushing through it. (I wish I'd had that kind of parenting, too.)

susan said...

Thanks, Deb.

Thinking Aloud said...

Thanks for sharing your day, and for taking me back to the first day blues.
I must admit that I have started becoming that mom who has been approaching schooling for my eldest at a distance. One reason is because she filters what she wants to share, and the other is that after a full day with middle schoolers and coming home to a spicy seven year old, a sulky sixer, and a teething toddler you kind of like the lack of information.

Good thing she is an "A" student who lacks street savy and any real moxie to be considered a parental threat.

But thanks for reminding me that I need to take a closer look.