Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Going Back To High School: Confession Tuesday

It's Tuesday, late Tuesday but given the day I've had this is as good as it's going to get. Not only have I had to accept the joy of living through teendom- a third time, but it seems I'm returning to high school. Apparently, my young Drama Queen in-training is determined to be Drama Queen Supreme and school hasn't even started. What happened? Let's start with meeting with her counselor to get her classes. She hates math but insists on taking geometry when she complained the entire last year about algebra. Her counselor and I suggested taking a refresher, if it's too easy, she can drop it and be enrolled in geometry. Then DQ insists on taking AP English. This is the same child who rolls her eyes when I suggest reading something for the sake of reading and to top everything off, she refuses to join student council after I told her she can't run for President when she hasn't even been involved, "You're a freshman." She complained ad infinitum about swimming (you know we can't get our hair wet), a two-week stint during the twelve week course. Despite all that, we left school without incident.

Four hours later, I get call from her dad complaining that his child is too bright to be in an algebra refresher. "She did very well." Yes, she finished fine, but she complained the whole time and we don't know if the course she took is as challenging as the courses in this district. I don't know if it's ego or if Daddy's girl was manipulating him or both. Can we try this for ten days? If she's sailing, she moves on. After assuring him that I will have the counselor call him, that he will be sent copies of every test, progress report and any diary entry of importance, he calmed down.

And my life? Well, not sure when I actually stop working. Seems they haven't figured that out. Today is my sweetie's birthday, and I couldn't find a diabetic mix to make him a cake. I'm on meds for my wicked sinus blues, and let's not talk about how sorely I need to get back to blogging regularly here, my personal space while maintaining a daily schedule at Color Online.

And Ms. Thang thinks she has drama? Seriously?!

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Diana Dang said...

High school kids, they are always there to do something that would make to go "Why??" :)

susan said...


I love my kidlet. She is bright, funny but the DRAMA. I'm an old woman. Can I get a break? lol

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Pillsbury has reduced sugar cake mixes in the regular cake section, made with splenda, that is supposed to taste decent. I haven't tried it myself. My stepmother just uses portion control and my first husband did what he wanted (which is why he is now No Longer With Us, so to speak).

I'm sorry I don't live by you so I could have helped you bake a cake!!!!!!!!!

susan said...


I made muffins with nuts and chocolate. I'm not a baker either. I've never seen the Pillsbury and I thought we had a decent market. I'm going to check other stores. Thanks.

thinking aloud said...

Hello Susan,

Long time no chat! I have been on a blog sabbatacal of sorts. I am back at work teaching seventh and eighth grade english. I have taught all of these kids before, so we are having a blast!

Cameron, my High School Drama Queen, has been dethroned by her father because apparently after taking summer courses at Pace University, she has decided to act like a college student gone wild.
Now she is left without a cell phone, texting capabilities, and without use of her computer until school starts. She is literaaly like a fish out of water!

Anyway, I can relate!
I didn't understand the "Stop working" part, so I am going to read your older posts and catch up.
Miss you and glad to be back in the loop.

Jessie Carty said...

i so wanted to be in upper math because of college but it was TORTURE the whole time!

hope the drama cools down a bit :)

January said...

Oh drama!

Well, I hope you're feeling better and that things have calmed down a bit. Hope you get to take some time for yourself this Labor Day weekend.

susan said...

Thanks, January.

T, glad you're back.

Hi, Jessie.