Sunday, September 27, 2009

worducopia: C.O.R.A. Diversity Roll Call: Blogs

Ali is hosting this week at Worducopia. Please participate, add your link and check out the others.

1)Write a post highlighting one or more bloggers who are extremely different from you in some way. For example, think about blogger(s) who:
a. Identify with another race and/or ethnicity, religion, cultural background, age, etc. from you
b. Live the farthest from you
c. Have entirely different tastes in books from you (but you love their blog anyway)

If you can't think of any, go exploring and find some! Or . . .

2) Write a "Personals Ad" post to find bloggers who are outside your norm. Mine might read:
MWF (married white female) homeschool mom from a Pacific Northwest U.S. city seeks bloggers who enjoy literary (but not too literary) fiction, long walks on the beach, music, and will make me laugh.
Then other participants can recommend bloggers (including themselves, of course) who come from a different demographic and have similar interests.

3)Another option: If you consider yourself to be in the minority in some way in the blogosphere, write about that experience and/or highlight favorite bloggers who fit into that same subgroup. Interpretation of this is up to you—-be creative! If we look hard enough, we're probably all different-from-the-norm in one way or another.

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