Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Confession Tuesday

It's Wednesday and it's earlier than last week, so let's call this progress. With effort and the moons aligned, I'll actually post Confession Tuesday on Tuesday.

My Internet connection was down for carpenters yesterday. After they left we had to put all our furniture and household stuff back into the apartment. Because they would not move any furniture, we had to empty the place. It took three days to toss, break down and store eight years in storage cages (two didn't belong to us but were empty) and my daughter's room. After we got our two main rooms in working order and had shifted some items to our own cage, my guy broke off a piece of the computer connection line (which he eventually got to work but will need replacing). While struggling to pull the wiring under the carpet, he swore like a sailor. Finally he got all the wiring completed. It had been a full day. We still needed to alter the new runner in our entry way and we had to get dinner so we walked in the rain to the hardware store, picked up a pizza and called it a day.

This morning, I can't find the lid to the coffee pot, I'm sore from all the lifting and bending, and I love the open space and sense of order. After days of struggling to throw things out, I'm glad L fought me on letting crap go. I have boxes to unpack still and I've decided I'm going to continue to toss. Our streamlined and uncluttered rooms, have me feeling de-cluttered, too. If only I could, toss the pounds so easily; speaking of pounds, read an informative article about working out after 40. I'm going back to what I loved doing in my twenties, weight training.

I have more to share but I'm going to hold off a bit. Thanks for sending good vibes.


January said...

Sounds like a lot of unpleasantness, but you have things in your room the way you want them. Nothing like a little order in the midst of all that chaos.

You sound chipper. Hope you are doing well.

Steven said...

I love that uncluttered feeling! And I could stand to toss a few pounds myself.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Things will only get better now! Or at least, they will when you find the lid to the coffee pot!

Jessie Carty said...

no internet! argh! i hate when that happens. i think the coffee lid missing is a good reason to head out to work in a coffee shop :)

Ali said...

Oh my, what a job! Though I envy you the decluttered feeling, now that it's done.