Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Confession Tuesday: I'm Old Not Blind

It’s Tuesday that means confession time. Tonight I’m ‘fessing up about a couple of guilty pleasures. First: “Castle.” Love the show. I don’t watch a lot of TV but if I manage to remember what day of the week it is and the day hasn’t passed, I like to watch “Castle.” I don’t even know the lead’s name. I liked him in “Firefly” and I like him in this new show. I like Beckett’s character (too thin, but we won’t go there), too. And how can you not like Richard’s daughter, Alexis?

Why do writers in movies always have money and celebrity? They’re usually, good-looking, too.

Second: Indian food buffet or food in general. I cannot curb my appetite. I’ve been exercising more or less for three months and I’ve lost nada. Not gaining but only thing I’m losing is my chance to fit my clothes anytime soon.

Third: my social life is almost completely lived online. Duh, no surprise there. I’m always on or impatiently waiting until I can get on. I try to cut back. My job created a forced weaning, which I resent and so I binge on the weekends. I need to back away from the screen. Let’s hope by summer, I’ve made some progress.

Last is sleep. I can sleep anytime, anywhere. If I don’t absolutely have to do something, I will sleep. When I’m not binge surfing or reading, I’m curling up like my kitty cat. We can sleep anytime.

*Nathan Fillion is Richard Castle. Hey, my online life makes me a Google Goddess.


Anonymous said...

I love watching Castle! I'm so sad that it's on hiatus. I keep getting to Hulu on Tuesday mornings and being crushed that there isn't a new episode.

Color Online said...

It will be back after the Olympics, right?

Anonymous said...

After years of fighting with my weight/appetite, I've gotten into body acceptance. Yep, I'm overweight. I'm not trying to change that. I listen to my body, eat what I need, and exercise in ways that I enjoy. Not a calorie counted, and I'm in the best shape of my life even though I've been 15 pounds thinner.

Point of that ramble being, you're working out! And eating according to your appetite! That sounds healthy and wonderful. I hope you feel good about what you've accomplished, regardless of the impact it has on the scale. Sending good thoughts your way.

Jessie Carty said...

Nathan Fillion is sooooo cute. I haven't been able to get into Castle but I loved him on Firefly.

I've been working out and just eating when hungry @thestonebrow says and finally seeing a few pounds come off but i'm still way heavier than i want to be.

i keep trying to cut back my online work as well but i keep getting dragged back in!

prashant said...

I keep getting to Hulu on Tuesday mornings and being crushed that there isn't a new episode.

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