Sunday, March 7, 2010

Celebrating Women's History: Wilma Pearl Mankiller

November 18, 1945
Tahlequah, Oklahoma

First female Chief of the Cherokee Nation
Principal Chief from 1985 to 1995

I don't think anybody anywhere can talk about the future of their people or of an organization without talking about education. Whoever controls the education of our children controls our future.~Wilma Pearl Mankiller

Wilma Pearl Mankiller
Encyclopedia of Oklohoma History & Culture


MissAttitude said...

What a wonderful quote! It's so true too, without an education there is no future and thus we lose control of it.

Thank you for spotlighting Wilma Pearl Mankiller, I've never heard of her and she's quite inspriing. We rarely hear about Native American women during women's History month, it's mostly white women with some African American women.

susan said...

Check Color Online, Ari. I make a point to feature women of color for Women History Month and I do more here as well.

Jessie Carty said...

wow a female chief! that is excellent and a really, really terrific quote ;)