Friday, March 26, 2010

Derrick Barnes at Color Online

Color Online is asking readers to check out Mr. Derrick Barnes , author of the wonderful children's book series, Ruby Booker. Powers that be don't think Ruby is bringing in enough sales (maybe if there was serious promotion behind the books more readers would be buying and reading) so for those who don't know Ruby or Barnes, Doret took some time to chat with the author. Show some love, friends.

Who is Ruby Booker?
Ruby Marigold Booker is my fictional 8 and a half year old daughter. We have three boys and no daughter. Its funny, I always spend the first ten minutes of presentations answering questions on how that occurred. After failing to land a deal about three African American boys (the Booker boys), my agent suggested that I make the little sister the protagonist, and thats what I did. Within months we had landed a four book (plus an additional two) deal with Scholastic in 2007.

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Tea said...

Hi Derrick,
I love the name Ruby. My mother's birthstone was a Ruby. You don't hear the name often anymore.

Why did you choose the name Ruby? Thanks for sharing with us. Hope you book buys go up.