Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Lov'n Monday

Little Lov'n Monday is a day we celebrate the work of fellow bloggers and other sites of note. Post a link to anything you think deserves a little lov'n. Leave a link. Today, we celebrate International Women's Day. Read and comment. Your goal: Read and comment to 5 blogs this week.

Give a little lovin'. This week's links:

The Girl2Woman 200K Challenge for 200Million at Girl2Woman
On March 1, Pathfinder is launching a unique challenge in the week leading up to International Women’s Day 2010: 200 Thousand for 200 Million.

30 Women Making History: Shelby Knox at Women's Media Center
A sought-after speaker, she travels across the U.S. to talk to young people about the importance of reality-based sex education and the power of youth activism. In a 2008 interview, Shelby said “It’s the teen voices that count the most in issues that relate to them.”

In Honour of International Women's Day at Cynical, Ornery, Sublime, Lush
The image below is of Mukhtaran Bibi who was gang raped in an "honour" revenge issued by tribal council. She was expected to have committed suicide after this, but took the case to court instead... started an organization to empower girls and women in Pakistan, called Mukhtar Mai's Women's Welfare Organization.

"First," a documentary reviewed at Feminist Review
Ten women provide candid commentary describing the first time they had sexual relationships. First gathers a handful of women who range in age, experience, occupation, and race and draws from them the dark and juicy secrets that most sexually active people keep to themselves: details about the first time they had intercourse.

Sunday Salon: Female Characters in Literature at Color Online
How do you define a strong or weak woman character? Have you ever unconsciously or consciously taken a specific character and read her as a representation of all women.

Tell Congress: Stalled Health Care Reform Hurts Women and Families at
While millions of women struggle each day knowing that they may be one illness away from losing their home or one doctor’s appointment away from being able to feed their family —


Feminist Review said...

Thanks for the link love!

Jodie said...

Hiya I just wanted to ask if you got the email about possibly being a NerdsHeartYA consultant? If not then this is a book tournament for underappreciated YA published in 2009, that represents the diversity of our society in one of five ways (see post). We're trying to recruit a consultant for each category, so that once we've gathered nominations people who blog about that particular area of reading will be able to advise the organisers on what is really underrepresented and should make the list, whether any of the books might be offensive to the communities they attempt to portray etc, etc - basically we think experts should be involved in helping us create the contest shortlist. We have three categories covered and we wondered if you'd like to help out with the poc category? If you're interested email me, or facebook me :)

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