Monday, March 29, 2010

Little Lov'n Monday

It's Monday. It's a day we give a little lov'n. Comments let bloggers know you're reading them. "I like this" in the comment section says plenty. Commit to reading and commenting to 5 blogs this week. Stop by the following links and drop a few links of your choice, too.

Getting Hatemail From Custer at Last Woman: Political & Cultural Snapshots
How often do we ask young people to work with our Tribal Communities and to work on behalf of the next seven generations?

Arc & Hue by Tara Betts reviewed at Feminist Review
Rich in vivid images and musicality, this collection is an authentic portal into the very pulse of life. With the use of repetitive forms like sestina and canzone and the smooth lyrical flow of her free verse, Betts’ poems are imbued with hope, strength, and beauty amid trauma, violence, and the isolation of otherness.

Black Writers Respond to the Environmental Crisis at If you Want Kin, You must plant kin

Sunday Salon: Health Care Reform at Color Online
Has your family been affected by the absence of national health care? Should we have national health care? Tell us why or why not.

"Did I Teach Them That?" at The Daddy Life
One of the joys of parenting comes when you see your child use some skill you’ve taught them. During these moments a parent realizes that their work of imparting life-lessons to their children has not been wasted.


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Please stop by and pick it up.


susan said...

Thank you, Lori.

Very busy week. Will update here tonight.