Wednesday, November 28, 2007

rambling continued

So, if you're looking for polished or even believed to be finished pieces or accustomed to lovely musings with beautiful images to enhance the read (I can barely manage writing, I have no other artistic abilities; any images I use will be borrowed from free domain or permission of a real artist), you might want to read elsewhere. My grammar is suspect and I'm a lousy speller. Thank Maude for spellcheck.

Don't worry. This is longest free write, journaling I'll write here, but as I do this, I confess it is liberating. I've read so many aesthetically beautiful and organized blogs, I was seriously thinking about virtually bolting because I didn't think I could do this, but here I am.

So here's the deal: I'm a weird chick, a woman with only a few clubs in her bag and all right with it. I drive my kids crazy and they will confirm it wholeheartedly. I figure if they tolerate me why not see if any of you will sign up for the same? Whew, glad I put this out there. If you have no idea what or why I'm sharing this, welcome to my world. Expect more of the same. I can't parade around here like I know what I'm saying or what I'm doing. I just know I'm here to trying to get my head around this nagging notion that just maybe I can write something worth reading.

So while you're here, know that I'm glad you've chosen to hang out with me.



Pia Savage said...

Love this post. Every serious writer is a bit crazed and to blog you have to be even more so.

I never worry about grammar--use a spell check and thank whoever for them

Blogging's not about perfection. It's really anything you want it to be

I say anything about myself--draw the line at family and friends--they didn't sign up for this, but that's just me--and all the kids I know are teenagers and I believe they deserve privacy--so they'll talk to me--and sometimes comments

Weird is good. Weird makes this a better world

Thanks for your wonderful comment
courting destiny

UL said...

I am with you here...and enjoying it all the way. Your honesty and outright post gets to the point of the matter and make it clear..couldnt have said it better. Thank you.


UL said...

I liked the idea of posting my original/ and then the revision based on comments or your own take much.. thank you.