Friday, December 7, 2007

How We Are Is This

You come in
and shake out an endless morning.
There is coffee on the counter or around the corner
where suits cross legs leaning over laptops.

I dart rather tumble in
but it ‘s okay.

It’s okay in this space-

It’s morning
and it’s lasted all day.
We are gently turning verse.


Anonymous said...

A neat representation of the difficulties of morning orientation (if I've interpreted this short, effective piece correctly!)

susan said...

Hi dick,

Thanks for commenting.

writerwoman said...


Your assigned day for The Twelve Days of Poetry is December 16th.

It is up to you which poem of yours you submit.

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Thanks for taking part.

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...eatsbugs said...

Mmm. Coffee. I see the gentle havoc of a Friday morning in this piece.

Also, I'm the Derek that you've been talking to through the Read.Write.Poem. comment case you wondered.

Quiet Paths said...

I love that first line especially.

UL said...

"where suits cross legs leaning over laptops."...this I liked much.