Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Writing Rituals & Practices

How often do you write? Do you have any particular rituals or practices? Have you experimented or considered adopting any writing practices?

What has happened when you changed your writing habits?

Please take time to answer the poll.


Anonymous said...

But, there's no option for "As often as humanly possible."

I really do try to write with all the spare time I get and time I'm spending at school and work.

Generally at home I read just as much, if not more, than I write.

I really can't do much reading at school or work, though.

I'm really glad to hear that everything is starting to go well for you.

I hope everything works out.

Anonymous said...

i also sit down and write whenever i see an opening. every day for sure. i wish i was more disciplined with it in terms of time/place/duration but when i try that, i fail and that works against me.

maybe it has to do with where i am in my life. no two day's schedules are alike. maybe when the kids are all in school full-day.

S. Thomas Summers said...

everyday. when time allows. i'm usually able to get three to four poems a week.

i believe poetry surrounds me. i simply need to take was is freely offerred me. i open my eye and see. what i see becomes a poem. i am merely a translator. i translate what i see, what poetry offers me, into a poem.

just write and write and write.

writer's block is a fantasy.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I write as much as I can, I usually put something down on paper every day but can only claim to guarantee that 3-5 times a week. I have a box of ideas to browse through when I get stuck, though i agree with s thomas that we are surrounded by poetry and that writers block in a sense doesn't exist, unless we let it. I think daydreaming, observing life and reading are all valuable parts of the writing process

writerwoman said...

For about two years I worked on increasingly the amount of time I write each week. Now, finally, I write nearly everyday.

For me it is similar to having an exercise plan. I would feel blah if I let too much time go by without creating something.

I'm not always writing poetry though. I went through a period last year where I was crankingout five poems a day. Now it is one a week.

I spend most of my writing time working on fiction.

ThomG said...

I try and read every day, fiction or poetry, and I always write every day (as a working journalist, that's the easy part). But I'm talking read writing, something creative. I like to lie in bed and as I drift toward sleep, I think up weird stuff to write about. I write it in a notebook and more often than now, spend a chunk of my very early morning playing around. I tend to write fairly fast and edit very slowly. I try to force myself to write short with a think I call Fiction in 58 - 58-word complete stories. Now it's time to branch out and attend workshops or get together a writer's circle to write and discuss.

janetleigh said...

I write every day as time permits. Not all of my writing is devoted to poetry, Susan. My need for writing manifests itself in trying to keep up with several blogs. Trying to write for each one every day does not work for me. Instead, whatever issue stirs the fire in my belly on any particular day is where I put my energy. Writing poetry starts off-line thinking and observing, maintaining silence so words and phrases can be born without distractions. This is followed by doing a rough outline of my poem’s theme. The word phrases coming to me are fleshed out and written down in lines, then I play with their placement in the scheme of logical order. When I’ve had enough of this, I set it aside and go on-line to read and/or write on one of my blogs. Of course, I have to factor in all the other demands of the day into this regimen. To this I say, good luck, Janet!

I’m bound to disappoint someone each day in some way but I can’t be the All to Everyone on Any particular day, so for me it’s better to do Some thing for Some one at Some time during the day. It helps me keep sane.

Christine said...

I'm going to write a post about this topic for readwritepoem! Interesting.

January said...

I try to write/blog daily, and most weeks I try to write a poem a week.

I usually write poems at night, while taking advantage of any oppotunity to jot down my thoughts.

No, I don't experiment; I stick with what works for me.

Changing my habits happens occasionally, caused by a trip or change in work schedule. But I have habits because on some level they work.

Great questions.

STP said...

How often I write varies. I can do several days in a row or not for a couple of weeks. Location matters to me. It seems that coffeehouses are my favorite spot, though any place in nature can work. I carry a pad in my car, so as to avoid writing on my arm, which I once did. I have found a direct relationship to music and my creativity, in that sitting and listening to good songwriters gets my pen going.

Leonard Blumfeld said...

My writing habits are on the spontaneous / sporadic / erratic side. Still I'm fairly prolific given the fact that I work full time. Mostly, though, it's short stuff I write - poems, very short stories. Sometimes I find that presumably ideal conditions (time, peace of mind) are not ideal writing conditions, and that I'm quite inspired when constrained...

writerwoman said...

That's really interesting,Leonard. That you have to be working up against that deadline to be most inspired. It's good to figure out what works for each of us.

Learning your own process and not trying to fight that makes writing more productive, I have found.

Anna said...

I write when I need to write. Usually when something inside just needs to come out. Usually when I write I feel better and sometimes I cry when I write sad poems but then I feel better.

susan said...

Great responses.

As many of you have read, I started a new job. To put it mildly, the welcome change has meant a serious disruption to my routine including my reading and writing habits.

This is the longest period in my recent history that I have not read and written daily. Like Sara said, not writing/reading daily has left me feeling sluggish, icky.

I am starting to feel comfortable though still pretty green at my job. My schedule will normalize soon and so I need to write and be plugged in to my writing communities again.

Thank you all for continuing to come by and comment. Last Piaster will be back on soon, too.