Thursday, March 13, 2008

Technology & Communication

Is technology affecting the way we communicate? If yes, in what ways? Is this evolution or devolution? Is I-speak and text messaging hampering our ability to express ourselves creatively and individually in our writing?


Anonymous said...

i'm the kind of girl who needs lengthy, meaningful conversations in order to survive. technology -- the speed, ease and "sound byte-ed-ness" -- makes my way of being cumbersome to a lot of people. people don't have time, or don't take time. i think that our quality conversation is a major casualty of technology.

chiefbiscuit said...

Thanks for your writing, which I enjoy! I hear what you are saying re working and writing and the clash between ... oh boy o boy do I hear you!!! :) Be well.

Christine said...

I dislike lengthy phone conversations, much prefer talking face to face. With writing I can take my time, think about what I want to say, try to find the right words.

That's why I blog, I think. I don't IM or text people.

Technology can be isolating. Why leave your house if you can email?

But I don't think it hampers communication. It speeds it up and shortens the distance, in some ways, between people.

A complicated question. I voted no, but maybe I should have voted unsure!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Technology enables us to communicate with a wider range of people more quickly than we used to be able to. However texting probably reduces people's ability to express themselves properly. Mobile phones and WiFi encourage a lack of awareness of people's surroundings; online social networking enables people to think they're making friends when tehy're just sitting at a computer, helps people to forget what real social interaction is. I would say for me personally, ordinary phones, email and blogs = good; mobile phones, laptops in trains, texting and online social networking = bad.

susan said...

I see pro and cons. The most disturbing change is how truncated and abbreviated conversation is becoming. That bothers me for a few reasons. I am also troubled that students spend so much time using text messaging and i-speak that they are failing to master standard communication skills needed for professional and academic writing.

...deb said...

I think I agree with you all.

I love email. I write many more emails than I ever did written letters. But then, just having a computer opened the world of writing to me. I don't type well and being able to edit easily has made it possible for me to be a writer.

I have to do a lot of revising to get things said, right. So computers suit my temperment.

I do see a continuing weakness in my speaking ability, though, and liek to speak on the phone less and less. Long gone are the says when I could spend hours on the phone.

I don't like the distraction of multi-tasking communicating, and worry the next generations aren't going to be able to concentrate at all (like on the health-care I'll be needing!) I undersetand what Carolee means about needing breadth of conversation. And agree.

If I didn't have technology, I wouldn't have you all, I take it rather than leave it.

January said...

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