Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Crap, I missed Samuel Delaney at an annual writer's reading at Marygrove College in Detroit because I was working. The confession is I have been so distracted (typical of me) that I failed to remember to look who this year's writer was and when the event was scheduled. The reality is, I'm the new kid on the block at work so I couldn't have attended anyway, but not remembering is indicative of my absentmindedness and I have to do better.

I wrote a draft and I'm happy with it. Happy because it speaks to something that matters to me. Happy because I felt creative and expressive in the process. Happy because I'm motivated to write again and not simply bitching to myself, "Write, already."

I'm sick of being a work-in-progress. I'm in my mid-life especially given my families histories. Neither am I okay with the as-is. Back to being a work-in-progress, it is only mildly okay if you're someone who finishes projects, and I tend to be a beginner of projects not a finisher. Oh, I get some things done, but the bigger the project the greater the likelihood I won't complete it. I'm not a list maker for the same reason. A good list maker is a good finisher. Me, not so good a finisher.

Anywhoo, despite my allergies clogging my sinuses to go along with my clogged up mind, I'm really in good mood. Today is my Saturday. I feel more relaxed than I have in months. I'm writing. And yeah, those projects: I'm talking to Parker about revamping and resuming activities at Piaster. There are great places now that provide prompts, but I like creating a space too. I like having a place where we can interact and be creative. And we'll be relaxed (is this one of those unearned benefits of middle age). Honestly, I admit that I don't think we necessarily write better because of prompts, but the interaction and support stirs the blood, encourages us. Well, that's about me again, isn't it? :-)


...deb said...

Damn, I relate to the not-finishing-stuff. So much. You would not believe how much.

It's a pleasure to read you being in a happy and creative place today. It's a vacation, isn't it?

And yes, the relating and commiserating is the terrific stuff of this online-poetry thing.

January said...

We are all works in process. *sigh* But change is coming--it always does. Hang in there.

Looks like you're working on projects that will move you into a new creative space.

UL said...

Susan i am looking forward to more last piaster prompts, in fact iam going right there to find inspiration for my NaPoWriMo :) Everytime I come to your space I find something to keep me put! Keep writing...

christine said...

Great confessions! What you said about writing something that matters to you reminded me of this quote I keep on my desktop:

Certainly one can make good poems without feeling much or discovering anything new. You can produce fine poems without believing anything, but it corrodes the spirit and eventually rots the seed-corn of the heart. Writing becomes manufacturing instead of giving birth.
Linda Greg

I find that some prompts for me are mere mental games.A lot of what i post on my blog are exercises, not finished poems. Every once in a while

I post a poem that's sort of finished, that came from my gut or my heart, but usually i don't post those.

From your last exercise at the Last Piaster I ended up writing a poem that was truly from my heart. I've sent it to a poetry contest. Who knows? If it's ever published, I'll credit you as the inspiration.

Maybe you should make a to-do list of only one thing at a time! :)

What January says is true.

It's good to hear the upbeat tone in your writing voice. You must be settling in.

Cynthia said...

Yes, the prompts are an excellent
way to garner encouragement from
other writers.