Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Confession Tuesday

I've been on a serious reading binge and I've been in a writing slump. Then I thought about something Carolee wrote. She wrote about her husband reminding her she's been writing daily regardless of NaPoWriMo. And while I'm not writing poetry, I am writing daily. I am putting my thoughts and feelings in print. Not blogging daily (and feeling guilty), but I'm writing. It occurred to me that if I'm journaling daily, I can, I will get to writing creatively again.

Moving on to other confessions. There's a lot of clutter in my life: emotional and physical stuff. Today, I started clearing the physical crap believing I've got to start somewhere. Cleaning this morning actually felt good. I need to clear some crap out so I can do more writing. Has anyone else felt that physical clutter, mirrors internal clutter and that clutter clogs your creativity?


PDW said...

clutter definitely clogs my creativity! at least 90% of the time, during 90% of the writing stages. there are rare times, though, when i can write no matter what. when i'm in the zone. which i'm not. i wrote about a tornado of a mess in my own house right now for my confessions. :)

glad you are taking time to credit yourself for your journaling!!!

...deb said...

OMG, yes. And I live with a lot of clutter. Home, work. My hubby gets me to try to de-clutter most of the public spaces of the house. But the private areas. OMG. I am a disaster.

The attic is in serious need of intervention. I need to sort my papers. I need to get my desk in order. But I get off on tangents, big time. I can never finish one project.

What is that like?

pepektheassassin said...

He (or she) who wants to write must let the grass grow long.

Who said that? Besides messy me?

christine said...

I'm a clutterholic. A clutter blossomer. Then I push it all under the bed.

Journaling is great! The seeds of future creative pieces, or creativity as an end result.

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