Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Okay, changing up format tonight. I'm just barely making this on Tuesday.

#1 I don't feel like confessing. Some of the real crap that's bugging me, I don't want to deal with let alone share it.

#2 I was really pissed today about a billing issue with my phone provider and I had a very hard time controlling my volume and attitude. Doesn't help that I'm pms'ing, too. The emotion quotient is really high at the moment.

#3 Didn't write crap today. Wasted my day trying to resolve issues, run errands. Will a day off ever be a day I can enjoy?!

#4 Got female issues today. I'm so sick of infections. I'm no longer in the baby-making mode so why do I still have to suffer with 'female' crap?!

#5 We had fish tacos for dinner. New recipe. Great except of course I overate. Arggggggggggg! In a real funk. Check back later. Current advise: o approach at your own risk.


...deb said...

So, you wrote anyway. Here. Real. Honest.

And, while I don't want you to have to go through crap, it's nice to know we all deal with similar crap. (Except I am not pms-ing, I'm menopausing.)

Anonymous said...

we're on the same cycle. i have mine, too. and yes, it sucks. i don't get why the torture must continue.

and deb's right: this writing counts.

Anonymous said...

p.s. regarding that "approach at your own risk" business ... that's a wall i erect, too, so i'm not scared off so easily. i know you don't want people to keep away. :) ... well, ok, maybe some people like phone company employees

Anonymous said...

I see several poems in these confessions. They're everywhere. Maybe writing about the stuff that bugs you will ease the angst.

I know what you mean about not confessing all. Some stuff needs to smolder for a while.

...deb said...

So I got the book.

I'm on chapter 4.

January said...

I agree, I see several poems in your confessions.

Hope you are feeling better this week.