Wednesday, September 24, 2008

american sentence

Our collective breath lost: your brown skin a moving target now found.

*for Troy Davis. I admit my response extends beyond the case and reflects a cultural fear for all black men.


christine said...

I can understand your fear. My sons are not African American, yet still I fear for them because their views of the world don't match the status qup where we live.

Very nice American Sentence.

Let's hope Barak wins. Maybe some healing for us all will begin to emerge.

susan said...


I am so ready for change. I do believe Barack represents where we can go. And like your sons, I don't hold views of the status quo. Honestly, I'm a black Quaker. Whole lot of folks look at me strangely. lol.

Thanks for coming by.

Rethabile said...

Nice sentence, Susan. I'm linking to it.

It seems that Mr Obama is an able candidate, and that the Obama-Biden ticket weighs heavier than the McCain-Palin one. And who wants four more years of the same thing (and maybe worse)? But the USA being the place it is in terms of race, the two are almost neck to neck, instead of the former being way ahead.

Nevertheless, I believe Obama's presidency will force the USA to look at itself in the mirror, and say, "Who the f*ck are we? And WTF have we been doing all these years? The same questions were posed to South Africans by themselves when apartheid stopped happening there.

susan said...

"force the USA to look at itself in the mirror, and say, "Who the f*ck are we? And WTF have we been doing all these years?"

Rethabile, I hope so. I pray so.

Michelle Johnson said...

Looks like I came to the right place to support Obama. I too think he will be the better choice for the new face of America. By the way, nice Am. Sentence. Have a nice day.

paris parfait said...

A poignant American sentence and sadly, a legitimate fear. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. Am so glad to have discovered yours.

watermaid said...

I'm English so I'm a little lost as I don't even know what an American sentence is. I'm still interested in the politics of your country. I hope Obama wins too.


christine said...

Thanks for linking to rwp with this American Sentence. It goes right to the heart of what Americans need to face.

You're a Quaker – every time I find out something else about you I'm intrigued.

AscenderRisesAbove said...

first time here; you have memes i have not seen before so it was fun to poke around and look at them.
i appreciate the poems and haiku that people create and love reading them; but am unable to string together a poem myself

ps. yes we can.

Nathan said...

I like this American sentence. It's engaged as they should be.

susan said...

Thanks Nathan,
I like what you do very much. I appreciate you taking time to read and comment.

Anonymous said...

Very enlightning American Sentence. I share your frustrations. Do not give up hope. Our collective voices must be stronger and louder in order to stop the mental and physical killings of our brothers. Peace, Light and Love to you and yours. . . . CordieB.