Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blog Etiquette

Let's talk about blog etiquette. Should we reciprocate with a response to fellow bloggers when they have commented to ours particularly regarding prompt sites? What is your habit? Do you respond to readers who comment on your blog? Do you routinely visit the blogs of writers who visit yours?

Please answer the poll and if you're so inclined, please feel free to elaborate.

*poll should allow for multiple answers.

Responding to Comments
often respond to comments on my blog
often reciprocate on writer's blog
rarely respond on my blog
usually don't reciprocate
almost always comment and reciprocate
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punatik said...

As for me , I often respond to comments on my blog. It's a way of letting the readers know I acknowledge their input. I also go to their site. I have discovered many great writers this way, and met some friends.


susan said...

Hi Emilio,
Thanks for weighing in.

texasblu said...

No Susan, you didn't offend or otherwise upset me. I found your thoughts on the matter enlightening. I really didn't think people came back to read responses, but now that I know they do I'll try to answer on my comments.

Sometimes it is hard with 7 children to go visit all the authors who have kindly commented, but I think it's good blogger etiquette to do so. After all, they've taken THEIR time to read through my stuff AND let me know what they think about it. That means a lot.

I admit, during the crazy season of summer there have been times I have taken up to a full week to two weeks to respond. I just ask people to be patient with me because as much as I love mtg. everyone and enjoying THEIR creativity, the reality is my children must come first. :) And then there is, of course, time spent on my own creative juices....

I wish there were four of me!

I'm going to blogroll you on my main blog so I'll see when you post something new - when I do that I end up visiting more often, simply because I'm reminded. Not because I'm not interested. :)

susan said...

What a large family.Must always be interesting. Thanks for coming back. I, too, know it is difficult to always comment. Often, I will post a general thanks after a few posts. I do try always though to visit reader's blog and comment there. Glad to meet you.

JM said...

I'm not always punctual about it, but I do try to respond and visit the blogs of those who have left comments.

susan said...

Well, punctuality shouldn't be a requirement. Some of us do work and have lives. I only hope we support each other and online, comments is how we know we're read and appreciated. Thanks for commenting.

dsnake1 said...

i often respond to readers' comments on my blog, because they have taken their time and effort to pen their thoughts.

latree said...

I'm not one who blogwalk too much. but i always try to respond every comment on my blog.

and as you have been one of my favorite visitor in my poem blog, I proudly invite you to my other blog.
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