Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Work has been crazy. Had little computer access. When I did have access I spent my time ranting and obsessing about the current financial crisis, which amazingly the financial world failed to see coming. What is even more absurd is Paulsen expects us to trust with him absolute power ( Do read Section 8) to fix the mess when he’s the idiot who turned to the leaders of financial markets for advise, the very individuals who got us in this mess to begin with.

Someone explain to me why the blame is always shifted to the little guy who has no money or power? Why are executives continuing to give themselves insane bonuses (One thief got 40 million) and others are given millions of dollars in bonuses when they’re fired?

Instead of writing poetry, I’ve sent letters to Congress. Below is a sampling of what I’ve been reading. Some call them liberal rags. I could care less what you call them. I only hope you’re reading, watching, listening and acting. Not only are we in crisis but our children and their children will be paying for this mess long after we’re pushing up daisies. Argggggggggggggg!

Trust But Verify

Socialism for Bankers

Dirty Secret of the Bailout


January said...

I'm scratching my head over the financial news. This is crazy. Let's not give Paulen a blank check to fix this problem without strict oversight. And who knows if this will fix the problem.

Ugh. What a mess.

b said...

I keep saying "idiots" under my breath! The odd thing is little people like me knew it was going to blow up...how did the big boys miss it?


Check out the Sarah Palin...a woman pumped! You may like it.

b said...

You know what, I would like to subscribe to your blog but don't find a place to do that.


b said...

Me again. You can subscribe here:http://feeds.feedburner.com/BarbarasTravelsletsGetReal

chicklegirl said...

The bailout is bad idea for *SO* many reasons (don't get me started)!

susan said...

Hi B,

I've added the feeds. Thanks for asking. I had tried to add them before. I would not work. Today, it was simple. Go figure.

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Finance is crazy all over the world ,I guess. . . .Its always been crazy down here in India , now its just super duper crazy!! *SIGH* , we could have just stuck to barter system . I have a few words , do u have a candy in exchange :D ?

susan said...

Welcome to BES. Hope you spend a little time reading here. I'll certainly be visiting you. Do check out Little Lovin' Monday.