Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Confession Tuesday

My weekends are Tuesday and Wednesday. Weird, I know. So late last night ( I work till 2:00am), after work I drove to see my brother (who works very early, 6:00 am) because like many Americans sometimes it comes down to food or gas. He needed to get to work so I was bringing him gas money. Well after seeing him, I decided I wanted to eat (notice I said wanted not hungry) so I stopped at White Castle. That's right the chiefdom of sliders. I got my sweetie cheese burgers and while I drove home, I scarfed down fries and diet coke (hey, I like the taste of diet pop).

When I got home, my guy and I chatted about politics (between grease and belches) including the latest gaffe with McCain/Palin. We talked about the news (we're news junkie; he being the consummate reader, keeps me well informed). I wished him happy birthday again and shortly thereafter crawled into bed belly full and knowing fully well there's no way I was waking up early for our walk.

In the afternoon, my daughter called and shared with me her first day of school. She has all advance classes but of course that's not the exciting news. The big news was that her hair was fly and she was lookin' good because she spent her momma's hard earned cash on must-have new clothes. I'm glad to hear she'll be challenged academically. And happy that she had no pre-teen drama about not looking good or not fitting in at school.

Lot of traffic on the blog recently, and I'm prayin' to Maude this goes a long way to beat back my lackluster faith in my writing. Lord, I'm sick of me complaining about my writing, but the truth is until I hit a very long writing streak, I'm going to question what I'm doing.

Anyhoo, what's shakin' in your world? Don't let me take up all the space with my shortcomings. Share. Tell me, "How you doin'?"


January said...

Yea! Good to see you blogging again.

Most of the writer/bloggers I'm reading are not happy with their work. Must be the season. But you just need to write through it and have a little faith.

I don't get the McCain/Palin ticket. I just don't get it.

And White Castle burgers sound pretty good right about now.

1,000 Faces of MotherHenna said...

Black Eyed-Susan, I understand (as a fellow artist) the questioning of one's art, but OMG you soooo have the turn of phrase! You made me think, gaffaw, and aha. :) Thanks for connecting!!! And yeah, McCain/Palin -- who thunk that up? duh.


rebecca said...

glad you stopped by my blog and thank you for your comment. happy to know your daughter's hair was fly, after all, that is important as it affects everything else! i remember when my daughter was that age and she and her friends and cousins had to have a major conversation each night about what they would be wearing the next day in school. hubz and i used to kid that they all evidently shared the same brain and couldn't make one executive decsion alone if their lives depended on it. ahh, young, giggly, can't make a decision, must look good, young girls....they're killers!

mccain/palin...i'm thinking right about now he's probably thinking what the hell HE was thinking! you know they did not properly vet this governor and the door is just a bit ajar right now...i bet there are many more skeletons in there and you can bet the journalists will find them. honestly, to place her in that position where there is a very high probability that she can become president one day (given his health and age) is irresponsible. you can't tell me he cares about the american public, that decision says it all.

Bluebethley said...

Sometimes we feel "between" because our minds need quiet time to work. So float awhile with those delicious days and nights filled with White Castle, the main man, and talk of politics. For me, last night, I couldn't watch another minute of the RNC. I see their lips moving and know they have no conception of what life is like for most people. How strange to live in such a constrained web of belief. So we walked out into the night, and block by block, my anguish lifted into hope. Keep writing, Black-eyed Susan!

Anonymous said...

I know i'm in the minority, especially among the poet crowd, but i do get mccain/palin. and while i understand the press being hard on her, all of the shit about her not being able to be VP b/c she has kids to take care of has been shocking to me. regardless of political views, all women should be insulted by the insinuations around it.

anyhoo ... conversation, burgers, opening school day fashion hit ... sounds like a good good day.

christine said...

Barak's my man. I've never donated money to a political campaign until this year. But my vote won't go too far for him, living in GA as I do, so at least my money and phone calls might help him and the cause elsewhere.

Just keep writing, that's all i have to say.

Your brother is lucky to have you in his life.

Oh, and you're up on the chain poem page.

susan said...

Hi Carolee, arguing about her responsibilities as a mom is a lousy argument, but I do think there are valid arguments not to support her and that has to do with policies and platform. And while she brings something needed to the ticket, I do question if McCain was simply looking to bring a woman; it's insulting to think Palin who is pro-life, is a viable substitute for Hilary or was it just that she had a uterus was enough, and how mean and unacceptable it would be for the public and media to question her qualifications?

Dana said...

Hey, there. Time to co-po. It's your turn: http://thepoetrycollaborative.org/2008/09/02/time-to-write-chainpoem-1-w00t/

Dana said...

Oh, gotta love Blogger comments. Lemme try again:

chainpoem on thepoco

susan said...

Hi Dana,
Thought the poem was coming via email. Nada in my box. Please resend. Thanks.

susan said...

Duh, of course I see the link now. On my way. lol

Mya said...

It is funny reading your words about your feelings on writing. I am working on a piece of fiction right now. some days I love it other days I think it's terrible. It is so hard to judge our own work; way too much emotion lurking there.
As far as Mccain/Palin I think somebody needed a good script for a movie. It is just too odd even for politics.
Wish my hair was fly!
Thank you for your visit and get well wishes.