Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Confession Tuesday

Lately I am so agitated with the election and the economic crisis, I can't sit still and concentrate on doing any real work on my writing.

I'm participating in a reading challenge in October and I'm a little worried about my contribution because as I just mentioned, I'm distracted at the moment.

I am annoyed and embarrassed that I haven't been to any Obama rallies largely because of my stupid work schedule and limited transportation. History is passing me by. I feel like a phony. It's not enough to only read obsessively online and to write about how I feel. Pretty whiny, I know.

I wish I were writing something polished tonight. Not going to happen. Just a raw confession.

Lastly, jealous of January's weekend at Dodge. Glad she's writing about it and I'm hoping to be there next year.


chicklegirl said...

Having studied history (in the years B.C.--before children), I've come to the the conclusion it's what happens while we are living our lives; sometimes we get to be a part of it, and sometimes I think we just remember "I was doing X while Y happened."

I admire how much you are aware, engaged, passionate and concerned; that's a lot more than many people. More than me, on a lot of days!

And I think raw confession suits you; it's real, vital, and relatable.

Rethabile said...

Maybe you will write sth polished tonight. Who knows?

I didn't get the prompt.

January said...

Thanks for your raw confessions! Love 'em.

The political stuff is distracting, and, I fear, it is affecting our daily lives much like you describe. I see it especially in my coworkers. The election, the roller coaster markets, Palin--that's all we talk about, it's distracting and makes me sad.

Dodge happens every two years, so I hope to see you in Stanhope, NJ, in 2010.

christine said...

I'm right there with you on Barak Obama. I watch CNN every day, and talk to my husband each night about the election. It is agitating.

Instead of rallies, why don't you make phone calls? They need people to call voters in swing states.

But writing is good too. When you write about your political leanings you show the world your viewpoint, and help build a coalition in Barak's favor.

I posted a poem for your political meme, but haven't yet answered the questions. Hopefully Friday.

Hey, maybe I'll go to Dodge in two years, and meet you and January there!

susan said...

We should meet up at Dodge. We have two years to plan the time off. Let's do it.

Paul Sunstone said...

Near as I can figure it out, Susan, blogs are something like the new streets in politics. In addition to taking to the streets, we take to the blogs these days.

I think I can understand some of your frustration, though. I spent over two hours this morning searching for a non-political topic I was up for writing about. I noticed then how the political stuff was distracting me.

PenMeAPoem said...

From an outside non-American viewpoint, the US elections are quite fascinating. I hope your reading challenge is going well. :)

susan said...

Thanks Paul and penmeapoem,

Forever was my first title for the challenge. I'm wrapping up my second novel, I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings. Interesting how your perspective and appreciation can change while remaining positive 30 years between reads.

Paul, while I'm distracted, this election is too important not to be plugged in. I'm sure the I'll eventually be able to write about politics and other topics that are pressing in due time.