Sunday, October 19, 2008

Little Lovin' Monday

Little Lovin' Monday is a day we celebrate the work of fellow artists.

We share our work and hope others will enjoy it. Online, comments let us know our work has been read and appreciated. On Monday, come by BES and check out the links to works published by your peers.

Post a link to previously posted work that generated zero to few comments. Works can be short stories, essays, poetry or visual art.

On Monday let's have a marathon posting of comments. Show even greater appreciation for your fellow bloggers by commenting to a new piece as well as the shared link.

This week, I'm be sharing links to works I've found and enjoyed. It seems some folks are hesitant to ask for a little love. Check these out:

"Treasure" by January O'Neil

"Late Summer" by Sandy

"Coffee Grounds" by Deb Scott

"Conversation with my daughter" by Rethabile Masilo

*For definition purposes, older will be any post that is no longer visible on your front page.


lissa said...

I like the idea but feel a bit strange asking people to read works that might just be best forgotten

but I guess I just have too low opinions of my work but here's something that I wrote and thought it seem to define me somehow:

S.L. Corsua said...

Hullo, Susan. I love, love, love finding good poetry in the blogosphere, so thank you for posting these links. Cheers.

There's a problem with the link to Rethabile's poem. Just a heads up. ;)

christine said...

Thanks for sharing these links. All these poets are terrific.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Susan, for thinking of me. I did enjoy the two other reads that I could open. I will be back to check out what you list next week. So much wonderful work out there to enjoy!

Raven's Wing Poetry said...

For my offering this week, I'm going back to the vaults to something I wrote in April:

Flame Journey