Friday, February 20, 2009

Poetry Friday

Poetry Should Ride the Bus
Ruth Forman

poetry should hopscotch in a polka dot dress
wheel cartwheels
n hold your hand
when you walk past the yellow crackhouse

poetry should dress in fine plum linen suits
n not be so educated that it don’t stop in
every now n then to sit on the porch
and talk about the comins and goins of the world

poetry should ride the bus
in a fat woman’s Safeway bag
between the greens n chicken wings
to be served with Tuesday’s dinner

poetry should drop by a sweet potato pie
ask about the grandchildren
n sit through a whole photo album
on a orange plastic covered La-Z-Boy with no place to go

poetry should sing red revolution love songs
that massage your scalp
and bring hope to your blood
when you think you’re too old to fight

poetry should whisper electric blue magic
all the years or your life
never forgettin to look you in the soul
ever once in a while
n smile.

from We Are The Young Magicians Beacon Press April 1, 1993

I can't remember how I happened upon this collection. I buy poetry on impulse. You can never have too much poetry. Over the years I've learned to identify a good collection after scanning only a few pieces. Find more selections for Poetry Friday at the holly and the ivy.


cuileann said...

I love this! She is right on, poetry should be just that real and immediate.

Carol said...

Oh my gosh!!! I love this!!! I can't wait to share it!

Janet said...

This is so vivid and direct. I love it... I think the third stanza is my favorite!

Cloudscome said...

I love this poem! It reminds me of how great was to get an e. e. cummings poem in with the BBQ dinner my friends made for us a couple weeks ago. Thanks for finding it and sharing it!

Author Amok said...

What a wonderful poem. The imagery is the stuff of daily life, but shows how rich our daily lives are.

Kelly said...

Great poem-I especially like the last stanza!

NaySue said...

With so much BAD poetry out there to read and appreciate, I'm glad that your Friday dedication was a notable read. lol

Where should fiction ride though?

Ann (bunnygirl) said...

I'm not very big on poems, but when I come across one I like, wow! And I like this!

tanita s. davis said...

Boy, that tickles me -- "in a fat woman's Safeway bag." Here's to picking poetry out from between our teeth and swallowing it down.

Mary Lee said...

I lovelovelove Ruth Forman! Do you know her book YOUNG CORNROWS CALLIN' OUT THE MOON?

Anonymous said...

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