Monday, February 9, 2009

Writer's Meme- Why Do You Blog?

When I created Black-Eyed Susan's, my main motivation was to experiment with blogging in general. I had created Color Online's space with a specific focus but with little experience with blogs, I wasn't sure how to present the content, how to cultivate a readership, what a successful blog looked like.

I knew I needed to find bloggers to emulate. I also needed and wanted a space to explore other interests I have. In the short time I've been blogging, I've learned more than I've mastered, but now it's more a matter of honing rather than figuring out the how's.

Today, while blog hopping at my regular stops, I read Geoffrey Philp's, "The Top 5 Reasons Why I blog." Geoffrey consistently provides information to grow on.

Check out the post and when you're done, share your top 5. Post a link here. To jumpstart this meme, I'm going to tag a few of you.


January said...

Why I blog?

1. To keep active as a writer
2. To improve as a poet
3. To connect with poets, mom, and everyone in between
4. Blog posts sometimes are much “realer” than what I see in the news
5. Distraction from my day-to-day existence.

Thanks for the meme, Susan.

January said...

Oops, I meant to type "moms" in #2. said...

Dear black-eyedsusan,

Give thanks for the link! I'm interested in the responses you'll get to this.


Thinking Aloud said...

Why I Blog:
1. So that I can put my writing out into the world and get feedback(a bit of instant gratification)
2. To be connected to a whole host of intelligent, literate, informed and informing people
3. To be a part of this "Technology Bandwagon"
4. To practice blogging so that I could teach my students,and together we could create a class blog that let's us write and learn about each other as we write.
5.To meet people like you