Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Around The Globe- Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month. I love, love, love March. Check out Color Online's reading challenge. Great list of women of color writers from around the globe. Submit a review and if it is published, your name goes into a random drawing for a free book from CO's Prize Bucket.

Feel free to share your book recommendations here or at Color Online.

Color Online: Around The Globe- Women's History Month


Steph Su said...

I think I love Women's History Month too. Will you be celebrating Asian American History Month? (I'm not sure what month that is; I'm bad with dates.) It'd be great if you guys did. I'd like that too. :)

susan said...

Hi Steph,
When is it? I confess I don't know when that is? Would certainly do something.

susan said...

And by the way the term people of color would include Asian American. If you check the list for the Around Globe challenge there are Asian and Asian American women writers included.

susan said...

Steph, Okay, April is National Poetry Month and May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Stay tuned.