Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Krell sat brooding on his perch on the high wall. He was furious. He had given into her again. This was the third shade shift he had spent with her. He swore he wouldn't let her seduce him again but what young, cold-blooded Cretian could resist her? Trekia was double humped, and she had a three foot long tail! Now, modern Cretian males like to think they are sosphisicated and above banal instincts but the truth was, length does matter.

When she came to him tonight, she was even more alluring. Her scales were glistening in the moonlight, a vivid red, the color of human blood, and by the gloss of them, she had recently been buffed. Trekia, was high-class, the kind of Cretian female who took her grooming seriously. She kept her scales manicured, razor sharp and emaculate. And her tongue, the first time she parted her exceptionally thin lips and flicked her split tongue at him, Krell thought he'd faint right there. She only had to look up at him, and like an obedient off-spring, he came down from his post. Just being near her, he could feel his tetee glands swelling. He desperately hoped he wasn't going to secrete lubricant all over himself.

She hissed demurely and he followed her behind the boning tree. When they were done, she disappeared like a shadow without a whisper. Krell climbed back to his post and began to fret. In the aftermath of their caledestine meeting, Krell's scales vibrated involuntarily and his tail was still rigid. He talked to no one, to himself.

What if tonight she broke my membrane? What if I've been fertilized? How will I explain this to my family? Tek, Leke and father will moan and be overcome with shame. Mother and Shelea will....I don't know, but their reaction would be severe. How could I be so stupid? Why did I let those idiots talk me into stop taking my hormone suppressant pellets? And having stopped the suppressants, how could I even consider not taking my anti-fertilization grass? What if I am carrying a sac of larvae and in twelve ebo cycles, I'm going to be an uncontracted father!

In Cretian society, coupling had become a matter of the State. Male and females were assigned mates, unless they were the elite and it that case, families contracted unions. Copulation was considered a necessary biological function, but an wholly unpleasant affair that only lower life forms enjoyed. Of course, there was a growing movement among young Cretians and the die-hard old guard that pined for the times when mating was decided by the sexes, and copulation was a deliriously satisfying activity.

And that is how Krell fell into his current dilemma. He had been associating with a few underground members who planned to usurp the State by reproducing out of contract off-spring. They planned to build a commune on the outskirts of the Cretian chartered lands and start a new society. Krell wasn't completely sold, but he did question why citizens were required to take the hormone pellets if they had truly evolved. So now here he sits. He'll have to wait three more shade cycles before his menses is due. If it doesn't come, what will he do? Does Trekia love him? Would she go with him? Mate with him for life and live among the rebels?

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floreta said...

this made me laugh!! haha raptilian males fertilizing!!

anthonynorth said...

A definite rebellion going on here :-)

pia said...

Very amusing. I hope she mates with him and lives amongst the rebels

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah, loved reading this very readable piece of writing. Thank you.

ThomG said...

Susan, a great piece, really fine. The pace is fantastic, the details fantastic. The play against the woman getting fertilized is brilliant. He has the worries. Neat.

MichaelO said...

Reptilian lust in the boning tree. Gender swapped regrets in Sino-communistic government reproduction environment. Far out!