Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. Late start this morning. I am a passionate person. When I'm excited, ticked or happy I am really excited, ticked or happy. When I'm miffed, I guess I'm lucky. I can get riled up and it's intense but I come down fairly quickly. Last week's post was a minor rant, releasing a pressure valve that in the larger scope of things was not serious. By Wednesday, my head was elsewhere, yet the feelings and comments spilled over late into the week. Well, it's been a full week. I hope you're feeling like me and need some something fun. Join me for the following meme a friend tagged me for. If you're in the mood, tell us about your ABC's.

The ABC's of Me:

A- Audre Lorde, poet, feminist, essayist. Love her work
B- Beads. I like beads. Beaded earrings, bracelets. I like the sound of the word.
C- Coffee! Love fresh brewed coffee. We grind our own coffee at home
D- The Big D. Born and raised in Detroit
E- Eating. Love to eat. Love it too much. Time to push away from the table
F- Films. Especially fond of foreign films and indi films
G- Gaiman, Neil. Discovered this author last year. He's wicked. Check him out
H- Hot. Love hot and spicy food. Hate the heat as in temperature.
I- Information. I have an insatiable appetite for learning which means I'm always searching for more info.
J- Jumped by Rita Williams Garcia. New book about girl violence. Relevant topic. Looking forward to reading
K- Krik, Krak! Collection of stories by Edwidge Danticat. A favored author
L- My first real initial. I like my name. I hate when folks assume that can shorten my name. Only my mother gets to do that.
M- I'm named for my aunt Mattie whom I loved dearly.
N- Names. Fascinated by names and love hearing stories behind them.
O- Open-minded and opinionated. Hey, I'm old and I'm allowed
P- Passionate. Pretty passionate about a few things.
Q- Quiona. A food. I'm noticing a trend with me. My first thoughts lead towards books or food. lol
R- Rebel with a cause
S- Sensual
T- Technology. Love learning more about it. Learning how to use it to connect
U- Universal. I believe we're connected and celebrating the universal is part of that.
V- Vulva. Sorry first word came to mind. Body image is a real issue. We need to work on our body image.
W- Wake up and take a stand. Find your cause and support it.
X- xenophobia is not acceptable. Fight against racism, biogtry and prejudice in all forms.
Y- Young people. Love them, support them, teach them.
Z- Zawadi, my daughter's name. My raisin child who drives me crazy and I return the favor. (Zawadi is my first online username and had been my only moniker until the now teen Z objected.)

Clear trend, I'm talking books or food. :-) Find more confessions at January's.


Anonymous said...

I love the name Zawadi! And beads and quinoa- great stuff! I love that only like three people in the whole world know how to pronounce quinoa! The V - well, I guess I need to work on my body image because I wouldn't mentioned that for V! :--) V's a tough letter anyway but I would pick Virtuoso Violin (a double v!) because I really love it. Thanks for the fun list!

Anonymous said...

This is great! :)

Thinking Aloud said...

Yes, Vulva scares many away.
Thanks for the Alpha meme idea.

Open minded and opinionated, how old do you have to be to be allowed?

Zetta Elliott said...

I agree--you are so not old...not that I have anything against ageing--it's great! Quinoa, too...my alphabet would have been peppered with references to cake and other desserts...;-)

susan said...

T, don't worry, most kids put their parents in the old club which in my mind qualifies as old enough. lol

Zetta, my children will tell you are wrong. I'm old. To my youngest, I'm ancient. I had her when I was 30. I'm the oldest parent among all her friends' parents. :-)

Ashley said...

Don't worry, I love to eat too.
Waaaay more than I should :)

Teddyree said...

What a cool, funny post!
btw love your Little Lov'n Monday, I'll participate next week, I'm a bit late this time; so disorganised *sigh*

sarah said...

Your daughter has an amazing name! And I love the way you describe her as your raisin child. Infact, there's a lot I love about this list.

January said...

Great meme! Glad you included vulva. :)

Hope you are well.