Friday, June 5, 2009

Poetry Friday

The Rose Bush
(for Gordon)

i know i haven't grown but
i don't fit benreath the rose
bush by my grandmother's porch

i couldn't have grown so much though
i don't see why the back of the couch
doesn't hide me from my sister

the lightening that would flash
on summer days brought shouts
of you children be still       the lightning's
gonna get you

we laughed my cousins and sister and i
at the foolish old people
and their backward supertitions
though the lghtning struck me
in new yourk city
and i ran
to or from what       i'm not sure
but i was hit
and now i don't fit
beneath the rose bushes
anyway they're       gone

from cotton candy on a rainy day. Quill. 1980

Running late today. My mind is on our Summer Book Drive at Color Online for the Nicholson Library at Alternatives for Girls, a nonprofit agency serving at-risk youth. If you would, please consider donating your gently used books or purchasing a title from our wish list. See more entries at Read Write Believe


Sara said...

Oh. There was a young boy hit by lightning here in Virginia this week. This hurts.

I'm going to check out your book drive now...

susan said...

Sad to hear that. This reminded me of something very different. Thanks for checking out our drive.

Thinking Aloud said...

"the lightening that would flash
on summer days brought shouts
of you children be still
the lightning's
gonna get you"
This reminds me of my grandmother who would not let us use the telephone when it was raining too hard.

I too can seem to think of nothing more than summer!

violet said...

Susan, I enjoyed your poem! I like the adult vs. child feeling. In places it rhymes like rap:

"though the lightning struck me
in new yourk city"


"but i was hit
and now i don't fit"

Also enjoyed your ABCs of me! Thanks for dropping by my blog too.

Diana Dang said...

Hey Susan! You won a copy of Hollywood Car Wash! I emailed you but you never replied back! Can you send me your address at faked_sugartone at so Lori can send you her book? Thanks!

susan said...

Hey Diana,
You email must have gone to spam. Thank you. Writing you now.