Saturday, June 13, 2009

Little Lov'n Monday

Little Lov'n Monday is a day we celebrate the work of fellow bloggers. Between now and Wednesday, post a link to an article, contest, interview, poem- anything you think deserves a little lov'n. Leave a link and be entered in LLM Giveaway. Deadline is June 19th. Winner announced on Saturday.

Commit to visiting 5 blogs and leaving comments. If you do that, let us know. You might not care about winning a book, but I'm thinking you're a cool person who cares. Tell us that you shared some love. Thanks. Winner may choose a prize from the list or any previously offered book if it is available:

Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates
June-tree: New and Selected poems by Peter Balakian
Begging for Change
by Sharon G. Flake
Paradise by Toni Morrison
72 Hours by Bebe Moore Campbell
Kushiel's Scion by Jacqueline Carey
The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros (YA)

Earn 1 entry for leaving a link to a post you think we should check out. Earn extra entries:
+5 for saying you visited folks and shared some love
+3 for posting LLM icon/link in your sidebar
+2 for blogging about LLM

Check these out:
Diversity Roll Call- poetry @ Fledgling
Quoteskimming. Shakespeare @ Writing and Ruminating
Punctuation in Poety @ PWB
How To Tell People They Sound Racist @ ABW
Guidepost Young Writers Essay Contest
Into The Beautiful North- review @ Worducopia


Ali said...

Thanks for the link love. :-) Here's mine:
Heather's heartfelt review of Rob Sheffield's "Love is a Mix Tape" just about broke my heart.

Zetta Elliott said...

thanks for the shout out, Susan! my fave bloggers are on hiatus, it seems--but wait:

This is a great video, and I also posted it on my blog, but ABW should get credit.

Color Online said...

Great review of new title on Audre Lorde's work:

Dorla Moorehouse said...

I agree with Color Online that the Feminist Review article on the new Audre Lorde collection deserves some love!

Also, over at Poets Who Blog there is an interesting discussion going on punctuation in poetry:

Anonymous said...

Here's a great blog for those in love with the great English bard Will:

I've enjoyed visiting my 5+ blogs. I'm constantly amazed by how many interesting and talented people there are out there!!

susan said...

I'll have these up in the morning. Put in a late night at the library.

Claudia said...

I loved that video on "How To Tell People They Sound Racist"! Very useful.

susan said...

I know you all are busy, I hope part of that busyiness is commenting to others. Thanks.