Sunday, December 13, 2009

Social Justice Challenge

From the organizers of Social Justice Challenge:

Reading opens new worlds to us and can sometimes expose the injustice in our own. We have all been powerfully moved by the injustice we have learned about in books and decided we wanted to host a reading project that would encourage us to learn more about these issues in the world. We have chosen to focus each month on a different area of social injustice in the world. During that month, we are asking that you read something from the list of resources or watch something suggested by that month’s host.

This challenge is very different than others. This requires serious commitment. You’re asked to read to learn and follow up with an action step. There are multiple participation levels. Your level may change month to month. You are asked to commit to the Activist level 3 out of the 12 months.

Activist–At this level you are agreeing to participate fully in the activities of the month. You will read at least one full length book as well as choosing something from the other media list. You will also complete an action step.

Intern–You agree to either read something from the reading resources (it can be an essay or children’s book) or choose to do something from the other media list. You will complete an action step.

Volunteer– You agree to read at least one of the recommended blog posts, essays or shorter novels. You will complete an action step.

Observer — Need a break? Just follow along with the blog for the month. This month has no commitment level. You can only do a maximum of three months at this level.

A different topic will be covered each month. Short list:

· Domestic Violence & Child Abuse
· Genocide
· Poverty
· Illiteracy and Education
· Modern Day Slavery
· Homelessness & Refugees
· Women’s Rights


Jessie Carty said...

Fascinating project! I will be looking into it :)

Middle Minds said...

This is powerful!
I am going to commit to this and extend the challenge to my students.

Jeannine Garsee said...

Thank you for including SAY THE WORD on your challenge list!

susan said...


I think you rock. We need to chat.

Jeannine, Doret from HappyNappy Bookseller turned me on to your book. I'd happily host a giveaway for you if you're interested.

I'm slow on reviews but not on promoting. Come by and chat when you can. I'm looking forward to the read.

Middle Minds said...

Hey Susan,
It is me, T at Thinking Aloud. Yes, lets' talk!

Email me.

sanjeet said...

Thank you for including SAY THE WORD on your challenge list!

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Maw Books said...

Whoo hoo! Thrilled that you posted about this challenge and I'm so excited to start working on it. Can't wait to see how you do.