Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Lov'n Monday

Little Lov'n Monday is a day we celebrate the work of fellow bloggers. Between now and Wednesday, post a link to an article, contest, interview, poem- anything you think deserves a little lov'n. Leave a link and be entered in LLM Giveaway. Deadline is December 14th. I'll leave this open to readers outside of the US and Canada, but instead of shipping a book, I'll email you a gift card. It's too costly for me to ship beyond Canada.

Keeping things simple. Winner can choose any title from the Prize Bucket at Color Online (new titles have been added). This week, my links include issues that warrant public discourse so speak up people.

Drop those links & check out these :

End of the Year Celebrations at Papertigers.

Reading In Color's 2009 Holiday Gift Guide @ Reading In Color

Social Justice Challenge

A Wish After Midnight Blog


rhapsodyinbooks said...

I heartily second the recommendation for Ali's gift guide - it's great! (Needless to say, anyone wanting to use it for me is welcome!) :--)

Zetta said...

Ari's list really is fantastic...and this marks my second visit to Paper Tigers in one day--great site. Thanks for the plug for my new site...she you start another blog at She Writes?

Claudia said...

I highly recommend Elise Blackwell's piece, "In Praise of Good Curation."

It raises great questions about quality control in literature, gatekeeping, and publishing trends.

Color Online said...

Not a new blog. Just plugging my favorite authors there. :-)

sanjeet said...

it's great! (Needless to say, anyone wanting to use it for me is welcome!) :--)

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Anonymous said...

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