Monday, December 28, 2009

Little Lov'n Monday

Little Lov'n Monday is a day we celebrate the work of fellow bloggers. Between now and Wednesday, post a link to anything you think deserves a little lov'n. Leave a link and be entered in LLM Giveaway.

This week, I'm focusing on articles that fall under the social justice umbrella. I hope you all had a great extended weekend with your families. I did. My eldest flew in from San Diego. I was shocked when I opened my door and she was standing there. She and my youngest are hanging out and what can I say, seeing her swells my chest with pride.

As we enter the new year, may we remember what matters most. For me, it's: family, love, faith, justice and charity.

Deadline is December 30th. I'll leave this open to readers outside of the US and Canada, but instead of shipping a book, I'll email you a gift card. It's too costly for me to ship beyond Canada.

Keeping things simple. Winner can choose any title from the Prize Bucket at Color Online (new titles have been added). This week, my links include issues that warrant public discourse so speak up people.

Drop those links & check out these :

"One Cow Makes a Difference" at Nourishing The Planet.

"Beyond Band-Aids for Hunger" at Border Jumpers

"Growing Saffron, Not Opium" at Afghan Women Writers Blog

"Domestic Violence Survivor Wins Asylum After 14-year Fight" at


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Nice links, as always!

Michelle said...

This is a rather old link, but it's on something important to me, so I thought I'd share it with you. Link HERE.

Basically, there's a video posted there, produced to inform people about the rainforests of Malaysia, more specifically, in the two states on Borneo Island, that are being threatened by logging and oil palm plantations. What concerns me most is how it's affecting the lives of the indigenous people.

The video only shows the tip of the iceberg. But I think having a video made and posted on the internet is better than for us to not know anything.

susan said...

Thanks Michelle,

Going to check it out.